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Want to improve classroom engagement and results using a tool children love?

A game-based learning platform that allows educators to create fun learning games in minutes. Students take part in games at school or at home and can even create their own. Kahoot’s mission is to unlock the deepest potential of every learner, regardless of age or context, by making learning fun, magical and engaging through games.

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October 2017
Our mission is to get every single child engaged with and excited about learning material, so that they feel learning is awesome and fun.

About the innovation

What is Kahoot!?

Education ischanging. Instead oflecturing at the front of the class, teachers areacting as facilitators, supportingstudents to activelyparticipate inand shapetheir own learning. However, in many classrooms students are still inactive and uninspired, making it difficult for impactful learning to take place. Students who, for whatever reason, do not engage in classroom learning may be at risk of falling behind their peers.

Kahoot! is an innovativetool designed to engage students with learning material in a social way. Teachers can create a fun learning game in a matter of minutes and then broadcast it to the whole class on an interactive whiteboard. There is also the option of choosing from a selection of games (or kahoots) made by other users from around the world through the shared online platform,as well asa collection of free, ready-made, curriculum-aligned games in several subjects.

Questions appear on the big screen at the front of the class and each learner has a device with which they can participate in the game by selecting a multiple-choice answer, in teams or individually. In this fun, social environment the teacher becomes a game show host and the learners are active participants.

This interactive approach, inspired by online gaming, keeps all children engaged in the learning material and stimulates collaboration and group discussion, as well as competitive excitement. Teachers can add videos, images and diagrams to the games to amplify engagement even more. Students can even create their own learning games, which helps to deepen their understanding and sense of purpose.

Kahoot! can be used to cover all subjectareas and allows learnersto interact with other playersin over 206 countries. It provides a unique opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom to the home through the Kahoot! mobile app, which students can enjoy playing with their family or use to consolidate learning in preparation for an exam. Teachers can play kahoots in school with students and easily assign them as homework through the mobile app. The game results can be downloaded by the teacher and used as a quick and easy formative assessment tool, allowing every educatorto individualize their students' learning effectively.

Kahoot! is used by more than half the teachers in the US. Over two billion people globally have played Kahoot! since it was launched in 2013.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Kahoot! is a fun, sociable, interactive learning tool that creates an energetic environment virtually. Kahoot! has enabled a community of 5 million teachers from around the world to work collaboratively, through an online community where teachers can share their experiences, offer support and ask for advice.

HundrED Academy Reviews

Excellent fun-based and collaborative learning tool. Very high scalability and potential high impact on thinking skills and knowledge acquisition. I like the ability to create personalised quizzes in addition to accessing the bank of specific quizzes. The language tool is also excellent.

Kahoot! over time has become synonymous with classroom engagement. Its value lies in how much kids enjoy learning and doing their assessments via Kahoot!. The product is widely used and is applicable to kids across a broad age-range.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Sign up for Kahoot!
Teachers, student, professionals – anyone can sign up for Kahoot! It’s free.

Aspiringusers can register through the Kahoot! website. Users need an email address or a Google account to sign up.

Make sure everything is set up
Every student needs an internet-enabled device to participate.

Teachers need an internet-enabled computer and a way of projecting the game in front of the class. Students usually use their own devices,such as smartphones or tablets, to participate in the games. This could be a barrier to participation for younger students or those withlower household incomes, so should be considered beforehand. The school could perhaps provide devices where necessary so that all students can participate. The games can also be played using laptopor desktop computers.If there aren’t enough devices for each student, they can join up in groups and play in team mode.

Create or find a game
Teachers and learners alike can use Kahoot! to create fun educational games within minutes and play games already created by other users.

Teachers can create games for their classes to play, students can create their own games and everyone can try out games created by other Kahoot! users from all over the world. Kahoot! also offers a library of ready-made, curriculum-aligned and high-quality original Kahoot! game collections through the Kahoot! Studio.

Planning templates are available for free to help teachers and students to structure their kahoots. Professional development resources, cheat sheets and staff training presentations are also available online.

Start playing
The most important part is to have fun!

Questions appear on the big screen at the front of the class and students participate by selecting answers on their own devices. The games are designed to be sociable and interactive, encouraging students to engage with each other and the learning materials. Later, teachers can also assign homework to students by sharing links to kahoots via email, which students can play on the Kahoot! mobile app.

Connect with the community
Kahoot! users from all around the world can interact through the shared online platform.

Teachers and students using Kahoot! can access the online platform to share their experiences, ask questions and offer support.

Spread of the innovation

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