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HundrED Youth Ambassadors

HundrED Youth Ambassadors are an active community of students from around the world who are passionate about education’s potential and want to be a part of its change together. Join the community now!
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Become a Youth Ambassador

HundrED Youth Ambassadors is for those who are age 20 years or below and have a strong desire to voice their opinions on how education needs to be changed for their own good! They have the drive and agency to initiate and enable dialogues amongst their peers, teachers and parents.

HundrED Youth Ambassadors are given semester projects to help activate their voice and promote agency. They even get the opportunity to vote for the innovations that finally make it to the HundrED annual collections.

Jordy and the HundrED Team is always ready to brainstorm and support the Youth Ambassadors! Interested?

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HundrED Youth Ambassadors share their voice to activate change in education.

"Education is what matters to the next generation, yet, we the students are hardly ever heard out. We need to speak up, to promote change and to improve based on the students. We are the future! We are the change! Students from Mexico, Peru, Australia, US, France, India, Kenya ….. Join Now, let’s make this a global change!" - Jordy Angel Coldwell

Meet HundrED Youth Ambassadors

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