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What is HundrED?

HundrED is a global education non profit. Our mission is to help improve education through impactful innovations. Everything we do starts with a child in mind and is based on our manifesto. We work with innovators, educators and funders in all continents.
Global collection

HundrED Global Collection: 2021

2020 has seen the largest ever impact on education globally. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adopt and adapt new ways of teaching and learning at a speed like never before. With these current needs in mind, the HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 leading innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our 4th Collection, the goal is to inspire a grassroots movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. To make this year’s Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations was reviewed by 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders and leaders from over 50 countries.

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Impact Stories

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impact story
Launching a New Spotlight on Holistic Education & its Role in the Creation of Harmonious Societies
Education is more than just schooling - it is a lifelong process through which a learner constantly drives their own development. Education - like learners themselves - needs to be holistic, dynamic,
impact story
Parents and Schools are Connecting - Our New Spotlight Project is Helping those Connections Grow
At this moment where parents and caregivers are becoming increasingly engaged with education, HundrED, together with Kidsburgh, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, and IDEO seek to
impact story
Report Finds Visual Arts Education is Essential for Preparing Students for the Modern Workforce
The last decade has seen a significant decrease in funding and resources directed towards Visual Arts Education. Recognizing the need to bolster visual arts education around the world HundrED and Supe
impact story
HundrED & The World Bank Announce a New Project Transforming Teacher Professional Development
The World Bank Group and HundrED are teaming up, with financing from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), to launch the Teachers for a Changing World: Transforming Teacher Professional Developm
impact story
HundrED Releases its Fourth Annual Global Collection
Over half of the world's leading education innovations selected by HundrED focus on developing social and emotional skills. More than 5000 innovations were considered for HundrED’s 4th annual Global C

Together with our partners we help educators, innovators and funders

For educators

We identify well researched and impactful solutions to various problems, challenges and needs that educators all over the world might have and help in the implementation process.


For innovators

We offer visibility, encouragement and credibility innovators deserve and try to create meaningful connections with educators.


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Sometimes funders have resources but cannot identify solutions that have a track record and potential to work in multiple locations. We are happy to help.


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Our partners are visionary leaders that are promoting education innovation through our collaborative projects on every continent.


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We are really proud of our growing global community. We are connecting like-minded education forerunners from all over the world. In our community we have not only educators, innovators and funders but also HundrED Ambassadors, Youth Ambassadors and Academy members.

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