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Join HundrED Academy to review HundrED’s annual Global Collection

Are you passionate about innovation in education? Help us select the most impactful innovations in the world. The HundrED Academy consists of stakeholders from educators to experts, from a wide variety of countries. Their expertise and insights drive our selection of our Global Collection annually.

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Why join HundrED Academy?

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As a reviewer you will:
Get an insider look at the leading innovations in education today.
Review innovations for 5-8 hours over a 2-week period once a year and share your insights with the HundrED research team via our online review tool.
Be recognised in the reports of the collections you review.
Get invitations to online events for the collections you review, led by the HundrED team.
Receive a certificate acknowledging your contribution to the HundrED Academy.
Be able to use this experience to add to your LinkedIn profile, CV, and email signature.

Global Collection

We select annually the 100 most scalable and impactful education innovations into our global collection. This work is supported by our global partners.

How to apply

Applications to become a member of the HundrED Academy are open year round. Academy members confirm participation that year’s global collection review period by a set date each year.

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HundrED Research

How do we evaluate the impact and scalability of education innovations? Learn more about our research methods.

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