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We believe change only comes from working together and collaborating. That's why we're actively building a global community of education innovators and passionate educators, to work together and learn from each other to improve education in every corner of the world. Join our community of forward-looking educators and feel inspired to make the change where you are.

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Free Resources & Best Practices Helping HundrED Educators In USA, Brazil, Norway & The Netherlands
HundrED Community Members, Brett Bigham, Barbara Anna Zielonka , share best practices from their education communities as well as links to free online resources to cope with the global pandemic and so
Spotlight On Quality Education For All During Coronavirus Highlights Thirty Education Solutions
We said we wanted to try and do the impossible- complete a HundrED Spotlight in 15 days on Quality Education for All during Coronavirus... and we are excited to share that we have done it! Mission POS
Andreas Schleicher Calls For International Collaboration & Entrepreneurial Teachers Amidst COVID19
We recently spoke with Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the (OECD) on the impact of COVID19 pandemic. In t
HundrED Innovators Open Online Opportunities For Parents And Students To Connect And Learn
HundrED Innovators like Kahoot!, MeeTwo, Linguacuisine, Chatta Club, Link Online Learners and more are opening their platforms for the global community of educators to work together and support studen
Digital Schoolhouse Shares Unplugged Activities To Teach Computing For Families Confined At Home
Here at Digital Schoolhouse, our aim is to engage young people with ingenuous, out-of-the-box computing and as classrooms begin to close there is no reason why you can’t occupy curious minds, at home,

HundrED Innovators

HundrED Innovators are our trailblazers behind the innovations present in our database. These include innovators from our HundrED global, spotlight and open collections. You can explore this page to find ways to connect and collaborate with them.


Education is seen as a top priority for the bright future; through good quality education children can flourish in their lives, and tackle the biggest challenges we face as a human beings. HundrED improves education by spreading inspiring innovations.

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HundrED Youth Ambassadors are an active community of students from around the world who are passionate about education’s potential and want to be a part of its change together. Join the community now!

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Are you excited to improve education? Join HundrED's community of educators from over 50 countries.

We're building a global community of people passionate about education, empathetic to the struggles facing today's young people and who recognize that the world is full of brilliant ideas that can significantly impact a child's future for the better.

We want children all over the world to access a high-quality education that can brighten their futures. Come and join our buzzing community of educators from around the world, sharing insights together, trying out innovations and letting us know what's going on in their communities. Together we can create an education system that works for every child.

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Discover innovative practices in education from around the world (and so much more)!

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Discover Innovations

Every year we select 100 Inspiring Innovations from around the world that are improving education. Browse the whole 2018 or 2019 collection now or simply search for an area that you particularly want to improve.

Don't know where to start? No problem. Check out our articles, interviews and videos on to explore the world of education innovation and to find one that suits you.

If you have an innovative idea you want to share with us and for our community to discover, head to HundrED Open.

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Found an innovation you like? Try it out!

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Implement Innovations

If you've found an innovation you would like to try, we want to make sure you receive the advice and support you need to give it a go! That's why we include the innovator's contact details on each innovation page. You can also ask questions using the Helpdesk to receive answers from our community or the innovator themselves.
Additionally, if you have an innovative idea you want to share with us for our global community of educators to try, head to HundrED Open to submit one:

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Create & Engage With The Community

Liked what you tried? Don't forget to seek & share! Maybe you want to become a HundrED Ambassador or Youth Ambassador?

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Create & Engage With The Community

Education is a team effort. We need your help in identifying and sharing innovations. So once you have explored our site, why not build a formal relationship with us?

HundrED Ambassadors help us to discover innovations from around the world by letting us know what's going on from where they are. They also help us to spread our selected innovations by trying them out in their educational setting or letting others know about them. Find out more about becoming an Ambassador at

If you are a young person in school, you can join the HundrED Youth Ambassadors community to meet and interact with an active community of students from around the world who are passionate about education’s potential and want to be a part of its change together. Find out more about becoming a Youth Ambassador at

We'd also love to hear about your experience if you are trying an innovation to include in our Teacher Testimonial articles. Simply reach out to our Media Team! Read our previous Teacher Testimonial articles with Nam Ngo Thanh and Global Learning and Katelyn Patterson & Randi Kearney for MUSE School.

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Share and Spread the Message

We spread only by sharing! Find ways to collaborate with us and our innovators.

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Share and Spread the Message

If and when ready, you can also curate your own projects through connections made with global educators and innovators around the world or simply share about some of the HundrED innovations! For example, check out these articles by Henrietta Cook on The Age, Vinay Singh on ScooNews and Cleary Vaughan-Lee on Education Week. We welcome everyone to write articles and blog posts on HundrED Innovations or HundrED events, workshops and conferences as a member of the HundrED Community!

You can also become more engaged in our community by participating in our WEBday series of interactive FB lives, Twitter Chats, local meetups and events. You can find playlists for our WEBnesday lives, Thematic Talks and more than hundrED videos by our experts on our Youtube Channel

We invite all passionate, forward-thinking individuals working in education to be HundrED Ambassadors and join our Facebook Community Group at

Lastly, as you grow to engage and enjoy the various features of HundrED, you can spread the word to others and get them to start the process. We would LOVE for others passionate about education to join HundrED.

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