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HundrED 2019

HundrED has selected 100 inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Find out more by exploring their toolkits.
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Discover Innovations

Discover innovations

Ihan oma juttu
Modernin teknologian tarjoamat mahdollisuudet tuodaan luontevaksi osaksi musiikin oppimista ja opetusta. Oppilaat säveltävät, sanoittavat ja tuottavat itse oman kappal...
Ilmiöoppiminen, Laaja-alainen osaaminen, luova tuottaminen, Monialaisuus, Musiikki, Musiikkikasvatus, musiikkiteknologia, Osallisuus, säveltäminen, Teknologia, Yhteistoiminnallisuus, Yhteisöllisyys, Äidinkieli ja kirjallisuus
1 720 views
Education for Sharing
E4S offers 4 programs: Sports, Science, Art and Initiatives. Each of the programs reinforce civic values: empathy, tolerance, gender equality, and are based around the...
Change Maker ED, Critical Thinking Student, Elementary school, global education, Learning-through-play, school climate, Social Emotional Learning, Youth development
Flexible Seating
A student centred classroom design, inspired by Starbucks, seeking to give students ownership of their learning and revitalize classroom environments. Flexible seating...
Classroom Management, Design, Furniture, Learning Environment, Motivation, Student Voice
3 362 views
Seppo on helppokäyttöinen työkalu, jolla opettaja voi muuttaa oppitunnin innostavaksi ja oppilaita motivoivaksi peliksi. Oppilaat ratkovat tehtäviä älylaitteiden välit...
Mobiilisovellus, Motivaatio, Oppimispeli, Oppimispelialusta, Pelillistäminen, Ulkona oppiminen, Yhteistoiminnallisuus
Inside Out - We All Belong
Inside Out - We All Belong is a set of freely available video-based teaching resources which aim to decrease homo-, bi-, and trans-phobic bullying by using a norm-chal...
CommunityShare transforms cities into human libraries through an online platform and offline relationships that connect local community expertise and knowledge to real...
Breadth of Skills, Career Skills, Community, Education, Life Skills, Partnerships
1 916 views
Toimintamallissa oppilaat opettavat ja toimivat tukena oman koulun opettajille ja muille oppilaille tieto- ja viestintäteknologian käytössä. Malli rakentuu kiinnostune...
Digitalisaatio, Oppilaat opettajina, Osallistaminen, Osallisuus, Teknologia, Vaikuttaminen
Fundación Escuela Nueva
Escuela Nueva, meaning 'New School' in Spanish, transforms the conventional school model by rethinking the teaching and learning processes to ensure that every child, ...
Active Learning, Community, Democratic Thinking, Family Engagement, Personalized Learning, Teacher Development
3 577 views
Learning Space Design Lab (c) by Autens
A powerful workshop tool for collaboratively designing and redesigning learning environments based on how children learn, while transforming the shared pedagogical pra...
Co-creation, Design, Design Thinking, flexible learning, Flexible seating, Learning Environment, Learning Space design, Learning spaces, Project Based Learning, transformation, Workshop
4 627 views
NUSHU – Earthling News in 3D
A series of Augmented Reality adventures about international current affairs. NUSHU is an alien whose mission is to understand humans and send reports back to its own ...
Augmented Reality, Cross-Curricular, EdTech, Educational game, Media Literacy
1 617 views
Teach the Teacher
Written and developed by students, Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional learning program for teachers that empowers students to address issues affecting the...
Professional Development, Student Agency, student-centered educational approach, student-driven, Student-Led, Student-led Innovation, Student Voice, Youth Voice
Future Class Network
Education should be closely linked with changing society. FCN spreads the idea of what future education should look like, and designs 21st century education through a ...
Blended Learning, Collaborative Learning, Flipped Learning, future competencies, FutureED, Motivation, Network, Open Educational Resource, Professional Development
2 433 views