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HundrED Approach


We are living in a time of exponential change and when the world changes, education needs to change as well. Thankfully there are magnificent things happening in education all over the world, the problem is it’s difficult to find out about them.

That’s where we come in.

Here at HundrED we’re committed to finding the most inspiring innovative practices in education from around the world and helping them to spread.

Every year we research education innovations from around the world and put them through a careful analysis process. Once we have verified that they could work somewhere else, have real impact and approach a problem in a new way, we select 100 to be our Inspiring Innovations of that year. We explain how to implement the innovations on their pages and help you to discover them through our articles.

What’s more, we invite schools and individuals passionate about improving education to get involved with our mission. We set up HundrED Ambassadors to enable passionate education forerunners to help us spread our selected innovations and to inform us of developments where they are in the world or in their field of expertise. To make sure we don’t leave a single stone unturned we also invite anyone to submit their education innovation through HundrED Open, which will automatically be considered for the next year’s list and thoroughly researched by our team.

We believe education can be changed from the ground-up and that through this grassroots movement, together we can create a revolution in education. Our goal is to be the leading expert in education innovations by 2020. 

Are we speaking your language? Get involved by checking out our innovations, reading up on our latest news, submitting your innovation, or becoming a part of our community.

Together we can create a revolution in education and brighten the futures of children across the world.