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HundrED Approach

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We believe that education is already being improved all over the world by inspiring educators, passionate individuals and caring organizations. We’re committed to discovering these amazing practices and helping others find out about them, so they too can improve education where they are and help young people have the best possible start in life.

We’re dedicated to sharing only the innovations that are truly worth knowing about, that’s why we have an extensive research process in order to select our 100 Inspiring Innovations each year.

Our in-house research team conduct the initial stages of our research process. We look for innovations spanning the entire breadth of K12 education and we endeavour to find innovations from all corners of the globe, as we believe that answers to the problems that education faces can be found in every country.

Innovations are found through events, online searching, recommendations, HundrED Ambassador finds and through public applications.

We welcome anyone who would like their work to be considered to apply by uploading their work onto the HundrED Open platform. The deadline to be considered for the following year’s 100 collection is the 30th of June, all fully-completed applications are automatically considered. If you’d like to submit your innovation, we suggest taking a look at last year’s innovations to see what kind of information to include on your own innovation page.



All innovations are then researched to make sure that they are impactful, innovative and scalable. What does this mean? Well…

  1. Impactful – We only select and share innovations that help students and/or educators. Therefore, an innovation must have been running for at least one year and have proven, tangible and recorded results in order to be considered.

  2. Innovative – The problem an innovation is addressing may be old, but the approach to tackling the problem should be new. We’re looking for ideas which are tackling problems in a fresh way to instigate real improvement in the educational setting.

  3. Scalable – We want to find ideas that could work somewhere else. Of course, the approach to education changes according to geography and culture, and every child is unique, so we’re not suggesting that an idea be copied and pasted to a new environment. But, it should have ideas or elements that could be used in other classrooms and educational settings to provide children with a better education that works for them.

All innovations which meet this criteria are then put through to interview, where the innovation’s creator is contacted and interviewed by us, usually via an online video call. We also encourage innovators to share with us testimonials from students, teachers and anyone else who’s experienced their innovation so we can truly get a grasp on how it works and how it’s improving the lives of those involved.

Following the interview process, if the innovation has not done so already, they are required to submit a HundrED Open toolkit to have the opportunity to be selected. This is a requirement for selection and we encourage innovators, particularly pilots & small scale innovations, to share their toolkit with their current users for review so we can really understand your work.



We pass on the innovations which have met our criteria to our Academy for final selection.

We believe it’s important that when considering the future of education, we should hear from everyone involved. That’s why our Academy is made up of (in equal parts) experts, educators and young people. Academy members provide feedback and vote for final selection using our simple online tool. They predominantly vote in their area of expertise using our criteria guidelines, but in some cases may provide feedback on several categories.

The final 100 are notified by September 1st each year and are announced at our annual Summit event in Helsinki, in November.




To make sure HundrED’s work is at the forefront of education we carry out our own original research into the problems education faces today so we can better understand how to tackle them. Find out more about our most recent publications and work here.

In order to understand particular areas of education, such as sustainability, or particular settings, such as Finland, we carry out in-depth research into specific areas. These are our HundrED Spotlights which are organized in partnership with organizations or schools. They work in a similar way to the 100 Inspiring Innovations selection, except only ten innovations are selected and are then trialled in schools. At the end of the trial, our findings are published on our website.

Our current Spotlights are on Sustainability and Victoria, Australia.


All of our research papers, Spotlight insights and 100 Inspiring Innovations are available for free on our website for anyone to learn from and be inspired by. We believe that through this multi-stakeholder, collaborative and positive approach, we can create a global education movement to improve education for every child.