STEM Learning and Education Technology in Pittsburgh


While the HundrED research team and the local advisory committee are busy narrowing down to 10 innovations for our Spotlight on Pittsburgh USA, we're taking a tour of all 82 innovations submitted to the Spotlight in a three-part series. In part two: how are educators in the Pittsburgh region teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and how innovators are leveraging technology to teach STEM subjects and more?


STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is a top priority for many schools seeking to prepare students for future careers. Innovative approaches to STEM education submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight bring the subjects to life by providing students and teachers with real-world experiences, project-based activities, strategic planning tools, and more:


Education Technology

Education technology (ed tech) seeks to leverage technology as a tool to facilitate learning. This means more than learning management systems and educational software—ed tech includes robotics kits, learning games, and even teaching strategies that make use of technology tools. Grounded by research universities and fueled by a scrappy, can-do spirit, the Pittsburgh region submitted over a dozen ed-tech innovations to the Spotlight:


Computer Science & Digital Literacy

To help students flourish in our technology-rich environment, schools are integrating computer science (CS) into classrooms starting as early as pre-K. This goes beyond simply teaching students to code. Computational thinking prepares students for coding tasks and using logic to solve problems. And digital literacy is an essential part of helping students see their own role and agency in interactions with technology. These innovations submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight are taking novel approaches to computer science and digital literacy education:


Read part one of this series here, and stay tuned for another installment next week as we explore all 82 innovations submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight.


cover photo: Ben Filio for Remake Learning