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Our first product, Puzzlets, uses tactile learning in real and virtual worlds to teach STEM topics to children as young as 4 years old.


Marker Homestead, United States
Our technology effortlessly toggles between real and virtual worlds. Our coding game called "Cork the Volcano" can be played with BlueTooth enabled or USB connected devices. We have a math game "Abacus Finch" and art game "Swatch Out!" that teach STEAM topics as well. Finally, we have "Puzzlets for Dash" which uses our technology to control Dash the robot from Wonder Workshop.

A fun, easy way to engage early learners in STEM!

“2nd graders loved Cork The Volcano new coding game. Coding, problem solving, and like a video game? Big hit!”

Clifton E Lawrence School, NJ

"How do you ease back into the school week after break? Code some video games with Puzzlets" - Steel Valley School District, PA. 

"I am so excited to have Puzzlets to use with my Kindergarten and 1st-grade Coding students. They are super easy to use with Dash. My 5-year-old cannot stop playing with this programming board. She loves all of the pieces and Dash follows her programs every time. Thank you for creating an easier platform for programming Dash for Preschool and early elementary students." - Park D.

Our platform offers a simple tangible solution for teachers wanting to introduce STEM to early learners. The first of it's kind, our technology can toggle between EdTech games on an iPad or completely screen-less interactions that just involve hardware to hardware pairing in the classroom.

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Intended Outcomes
4 - 11
Age Group
Resources Needed
Our application is ready to go right out of the box and does not require any specific installation other than an app download from GooglePlay or iTunes store. Our peripheral device compatibility guide can be found on our website. For the best experience, we recommend iPad 3 or later. We recommend students work in pairs from pre-K to 1st grade and second graders work independently. Set up is straight forward. An iPad or connected device is usually placed at a table and pushed back slightly and the student plays with our product directly in front of the device. For the Puzzlets for Dash application, we recommend one device in the middle of the room with one robot to start. After the students have learned basic commands, then the room can be broken into groups. Our lesson plans and curricula are available for free from Lesson Planet and Teachers pay Teachers or from us upon request.

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