Learning at the Intersections: Maker, Arts, and Interdisciplinary Education in Pittsburgh


While the HundrED research team and the local advisory committee are busy narrowing down to 10 innovations for our Spotlight on Pittsburgh USA, we're taking a tour of all 82 innovations submitted to the Spotlight in a three-part series. In this first installment: how are educators in the Pittsburgh region connecting the arts, history, civics, maker learning, and youth voice to help children flourish?



The arts have long been used to help learners develop their motor skills, express themselves, and understand the world around them. Can art also help students learn math? Graduate from high school? These programs submitted to the Spotlight are using the arts to unlock learners' potential:


Civics & History

For learners to thrive in our increasingly connected world, we must help them take active roles as global citizens. These innovations are transforming learners into leaders by connecting their lives to history, community, and the world:



Interdisciplinary learning helps students connect their knowledge and skills across subjects while solving problems, collaborating with peers, and engaging in hands-on activities. These innovations are using interdisciplinary learning to help learners make connections:



From its industrial past to its fabrication-fueled present, the Pittsburgh region is a hub for creation and manufacturing. It's fitting that many of the innovations submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight are using maker learning to help students learn through making, design, and using real materials, tools, and processes:


Youth Voice

Raising the voices of young people can be both empowering and educational. By teaching young people about the ways in which media messages affect perceptions of themselves and the world around them, and giving them the tools to make their own media, they can take control of their own stories. These innovations submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight are helping students raise their voices:


Stay tuned for 2 more installments over the next few weeks as we explore all 82 innovations submitted to the Pittsburgh Spotlight.


cover photo: Ben Filio for Remake Learning