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HoloLAB Champions

Learn chemistry lab practice in virtual reality

HoloLAB Champions is a virtual reality (VR) chemistry game show, where players complete lab experiments to become champions of lab practice. In the game, players interact with materials that replicate the equipment and materials of a real chemistry lab, allowing them to learn and practice real lab skills in a safe environment.



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March 2019
HoloLAB Champions is an excellent example of what virtual reality can bring to education. Students can safely experiment, play, fail, and succeed in VR in a way that they cannot in real life.

About the innovation

Virtual Lab Practice, Real Lab Mastery

Grab your safety goggles and set out on a chemical-burning, liquid-stirring, camera-whirring competition in HoloLAB Champions.

In HoloLAB Champions, your students can work together to get through the game’s challenges or practice independently. Gameplay takes place at a virtual lab desk and uses a virtual lab notebook to guide students in the lab. 

Use HoloLAB Champions to give your students a safe, fun space to practice their basic lab skills. In the HoloLAB, they can pour, scoop, spill, measure, break, weigh, and burn, all without making a mess and with the freedom to try again and again. HoloLAB Champions has state-of-the-art simulation of liquids and solid powders, enabling your students to really feel like they are pouring into beakers or scooping powders into weigh boats. The HoloLAB provides feedback to students on the accuracy of their measurements, their attention to detail in lab procedures, and their ability to avoid spilling and breaking in the virtual lab. 

We created HoloLAB Champions as a way for players to engage playfully with chemistry lab equipment in virtual reality. Our primary goals were to: 

  • Encourage players to see themselves as someone who DOES belong in a lab and who could be successful in a lab-related career 
  • Give players “hands-on” exposure and experience working with lab equipment in a space where they can safely try, fail, and play

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate HoloLAB Champions into your classroom, including: 

  • As a stand-alone single-player game for students to play on their own
  • As a small-group work station
  • As a collaborative whole-class experience

Implementation steps

Classroom Guide

This guide includes suggestions on the different approaches for incorporating the game into a classroom setting, along with supporting materials for educators which include lesson handouts, technical guides, and detailed information on the game content. These curricular materials were created with the input of chemistry educators. We hope they give you a strong starting place for understanding HoloLAB Champions and how you might leverage it for your own students.

HoloLAB Champions Website
Access the website and get HoloLAB Champions for free.

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