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Our objective is to engage all K-4th grade students to Integrated Digital Literacy Learning Experiences.

Formative Years of Digital Literacy Integration

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Students may be able to use any type of new innovative technology, but it does not mean that they can use it effectively or as a tool of their learning. We have developed a system that creates digital literacy understanding in the early years of education that develops these understandings. Propel Schools Integration Framework is a comprehensive plan that increases digital literacy.

Digital Literacy Integration

“Generation Z or iGen is "wired" for technology. Through integration practices, student engagement and collaboration is at an all time high. Teachers have taken back their classrooms, and are no longer competing with misguided screen time. ”

Jeff Patrick

How do we create valuable 21st century learning experiences that do not exist in  a computer science class isolation and are scalable? 

In K-4 our primary objective is to expose all students to Integrated Learning Experiences (ILEs) in order to generate engagement and develop computer science transferable skills. Every year, all students will receive 30 hours of digital literacy instruction from their integration teachers during integration class. Integration educators and classroom educators will then co-plan using the content objectives and ongoing computer science skills learned in the integration class.  Once planned, these educators co-teach an integrated grade level project.  Not only are the students learning, but the regular ed classroom educators are as well.  They will use their learning of the skills in future planning and teaching. 

Every student in K-4 will be engaged in:

*30 hours  of dedicated skill based computer science instruction per year taught by Integration educators 

* Minimum of 2 integrated projects (using the Luma method of human-centered design) co-planned and co-taught by Integration educators and classroom educators

How do we create an innovative framework that keeps learners and educators engaged?

A K-12 framework was designed to reach all learners.  This link will show the requirements involved to achieve our goal: Propel Schools Framework

How do we provide authentic project based learning experiences that are impactful?

Through year long planning and ongoing revisions, a STEAM team of educators, principals, students and local partners collaborate to create a logic model. Factors that were considered were environment, resources, products, audience, and outcomes. The factors are essential in planning, engagement, and skill development.   

A few Items to consider: (Please visit complete Logic Model.)


Does this project provide equitable access to quality education, facilitate growth / achievement, prepare students for success, promote lifelong learning?

Product Example:  

Does this project include a mix of people, colleagues, partners, leadership, resources, tools, technology, materials / supplies that are not compartmentalized into silos?

Audience Example: 

Does this project help students develop grit / perseverance at school and in home environment? How will they transfer these skills to other contexts?

Outcome Example: 

Does the student display confidence in personal / individual voice, feel motivated to continue to explore own voice?

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Innovation Overview
5 - 11
Age Group
1 236
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
Basic resources to begin would include an integration educator with a strong computer science and project based learning understanding along with co-teaching ability. Classroom necessities include one class set Chromebook cart, 1 iPad for every two students, maker cart of art supplies, method of PBL that works best for your school, local partners, suggested forms of technology (below), and lots of collaboration between all staff involved. 2018-2019 Suggested Forms of Technology VR Headsets Makey Makey Sphero EDU Breakout EDU Bee Bots Dash and Dot OSMO 3d printers Puzzlets LittleBits
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