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Po-Shen Loh

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Choose How You Learn. No matter how you learn, Expii has something for you. Experiment. Mess up. Try again. The choice is yours.

Expii Inc.

Pittsburgh, United States
Expii is an online learning platform that lets students choose how to learn high school level math and science by providing multiple learning styles. Expii’s practice problem algorithm provides students with the right challenges at the right time as they learn and advance. Expii's platform also welcomes lesson contributions from teachers, parents, and students.

Choose How You Learn

Po-Shen Loh, Founder & CEO
“We believe that there isn’t just one way to learn; there are many. This is why we offer multiple explanations in many voices, formats, and styles.”

Po-Shen Loh, Founder & CEO

Who is Expii? 

We at Expii believe every student has what it takes to excel at math and science. We know each student is unique. In fact, we designed our whole experience with this in mind. Our free platform, accessible on any internet capable device, encourages students to learn in their own way. We currently offer Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Biology, with many more math and science courses in development.

Learn by Watching and Reading

Through videos, illustrations, text, and lectures, we never limit the form of a lesson. We want students to find their own aha moments through creative, fun, practical, and personal lessons.

Learn by Doing

Behind our practice problems is a sophisticated algorithm that can provide students with the right challenges at the right times, as they progress on their own personal path to understanding. 

Learn by Teaching

Expii’s content has been developed by a team of college students who have set the bar for crowdsourced content from students, parents, and teachers all over the world.

How does Expii work?

When students use our site, they will find in-depth lessons written in diverse voices and presented in various styles. We aim to empower students by:

  1. Creating lessons and practice problems that appeal to different learning intelligences, and
  2. Making lessons connect with students' real lives and unique interests. 

As every person has a unique way of learning, he/she/they also has a unique way of teaching. Expii encourages crowdsourcing lessons to empower peer-to-peer learning. This feature organically adapts Expii to each student’s specific learning needs. Each submitted lesson is reviewed by subject matter experts before it goes live on the site, but we believe that these crowdsourced lessons will introduce new voices in teaching and redefining education. 

Who can use Expii?

Everyone over 13 years old is welcome! We designed our features and experience for the high school student, but everyone can find value: the high school teacher, the parent of a high school student, the person who needs to brush up on high school level math and science, and the ever-curious learner. 

Expii keeps student needs and experiences at the center of all we do. At the same time, we know that teachers are a student’s best advocate and model. Expii aims to become a free resource for both the teachers who have their choice of materials and those who need one platform that will help their struggling students. We are currently developing teacher and parent dashboards so that an educator can check in at any time and see a snapshot of any student’s or class’s progress. 

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Innovation Overview
13 - 18
Age Group
37 000
Tips for implementation
Access to wifi or mobile data and a device with a web browser are the only things you need to use Expii! Expii is free for everyone.
Contact information
Po-Shen Loh

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