Seven Chinese-Speaking K12 Innovations Selected For The HundrED Spotlight on Employability

10.12.2019 | BY PUKHRAJ RANJAN

After months of research and studying nearly 100 submitted innovations, we are excited to announce that our final Spotlight of the year 2019 has come to a close. The HundrED Spotlight on Employability, done in partnership with Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, is a curated collection of 7 Chinese-speaking education innovations offering inspiring solutions to provide future life and career skills for students. Any Chinese-speaking educator or innovator could submit their innovation to be researched and all submitted innovations underwent a thorough research process and screening by an expert advisory board. The ten selected applications adhere to strict selection criteria of FIT+HUG, while being impactful, scalable and innovative. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are being shared with the world in the form of a report and videos, being launched at the Spotlight on Employability Summit on December 11th -12th in Taipei.


Innovation Video Series

The story of each of the selected innovations has been captured in this collection of short videos. Dive deeper into each of these practices by visiting their updated innovation pages on, where you can explore their origin, understand their current and future impact, as well as find each innovator’s contact information to get in touch with them for free!


Spotlight Report 

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 15.59.44.pngOn behalf of our partners at the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, the HundrED Spotlight on Employability report provides a detailed overview of the selected inspiring solutions to provide future life and career skills for students.

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The 7 leading Chinese speaking K12 Innovations selected for the HundrED Spotlight on Employability:

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BEEP Lab - Design mentoring to spark creativity & Innovation for kids 快樂追築 from Singapore:

BEEP Lab is an education & training consultancy founded in Taiwan since 2015 and is now based in Singapore as a registered social enterprise. We aim to enrich and engage the minds of children, teenagers and educators through lens of architecture. Using design thinking to nurture one’s mastery in creativity, confidence, and collaboration so as to prepare them to be responsible users and designers.

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City Wanderer- Wandering Challenge from Taiwan:

City Wanderer strives to inspire youth to discover, pursue their purpose through innovative education program, to find their passion and self-worth through persistent actions. Youth sign up in a team of 3, and over 3 weeks complete 30 missions to begin a journey of self-exploration and creating change. So far we have inspired 10,000 youth in 17 cities to complete over 35,000 missions!

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Co-Publishing Project : Inspire Taiwan children from remote schools learning motivation from Taiwan:

Visual is a worldwide language. This project has already published two kinds of Visual composition books which total amount is 6,000 copies. We combined smartphones, the internet and social media. Children could take pictures by“Photography formula”and discussed with teachers by “Facebook” or“ Line” group without distance. These two books transferred different cultures of families to the Chinese World.


Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 15.55.48.png

Drone-based Interdisciplinary Learning & Entrepreneurship Education from Hong Kong:

A Finnish curriculum framework was adopted to cultivate students’ transversal competences under the theme of drone technology in Hong Kong. Students applied what they learnt to design a drone-assisted water sampling system which would offer an effective means of water quality and pollution sources monitoring at a low cost.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 15.56.27.png

FunMeiker-ArKIDecture Education to empower children to nurture the sense of aesthetics from Taiwan:

FunMeiker's educational approach is inspired by Architecture education for children. We aim to develop learning methodologies and approaches that is contextualised for Taiwan and the asia region, so as to promote interdisciplinary learning and nurture the sense of aesthetics. Our programs aims to facilitate children to develop the mindset of problem solving, life-long learning and adaptability.

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MTA WORLD (Mondragon Team Academy) from Shanghai:

MTA is an international community of changemaker entrepreneurs by implementing an educational model adapted to the new way society is organized that encourages teampreneurship through experimentation. The learning model focuses on a Learning by Creating methodology, in which the students are not taught about entrepreneurship, but are given the tools and opportunities to set up their own ventures.

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Teach For Taiwan from Taiwan:

TFT goes beyond conventional measures and offers a sustainable, systemic solution to educational inequity. We recruit high-potential, mission-driven individuals to commit to a full-time teaching fellowship in educationally disadvantaged primary schools for two years. After the 2-year fellowship, TFT supports alumni to continue to drive collective long-term change for educational equity.




The HundrED Spotlight is co-organized together with the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation to start their NXTEducator program on the theme of employability.  HundrED and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation will be showcasing the selected Chinese speaking K12 Innovations from the globe at the Spotlight on Employability Summit on December 11th -12th in Taipei, Taiwan.


Congratulations to the selected innovations and cheers to all who participated in the HundrED Spotlight on Employability!


Pukhraj Ranjan