Employability Spotlight Submissions Are In And The Innovations Are Under Review!

21.8.2019 | BY ANITA CHEN

The review period for the Employability Spotlight has commenced!  Find out what HundrED researcher, Anita Chen, had to say about the submission period and what will happen next.  

It is well known that rapid technological innovations are impacting the life and career skills needed for the modern workforce. The spotlight on employability focuses on highlighting innovations from Chinese speaking educators globally that effectively develop the characteristics and competencies needed of young people in the future. In the past few months, more than 70 Chinese speaking educators from around the world have submitted their innovations that offer inspiring solutions to challenges in education and to provide talents for future society.

The Employability Spotlight submissions include innovators from: schools, non-profits, libraries, government agencies, community centers, universities, research projects, and local companies. Here are a few interesting numbers we found from those submitted:

  • Innovations across 25+ countries 

  • 80,000+ direct users or learners 

  • 30 schools sharing their innovative approaches

  • 10 technology tools to facilitate learning developed by local companies and research projects

  • 19 programs and approaches from non-profits, and community centers


What happens next? 

The next phase of the selection process includes a thorough review of all eligible applications by HundrED’s research team, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation research team and a global Chinese-English bilingual advisory committee. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are then shared with the world in the form of a report and videos, which will be revealed at a conference in Taipei in December this year.


Learn more about our Spotlight on Employability here

Anita Chen