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The rapid advancement of technology has changed the employability skills needed for the future in significant and unforeseeable ways. Many agree that education will need to be aligned and adapted to these shifting demands with innovative solutions. Therefore, it is critical that education implements sustainable innovations to effectively support the future employability of young people.
in partnership with
Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation

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What is Spotlight on Employability?

Organized together with Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation HundrED Spotlight on Employability Skills is a curated collection of 10 education innovations offering inspiring solutions to provide future life and career skills for students. Any Chinese speaking educator or innovator can submit their innovation to be researched and all submitted innovations undergo a thorough research process and screening by an expert advisory board. The ten selected applications adhere to a strict selection criteria of FIT+HUG, while being impactful, scalable and innovative. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are then shared with the world in the form of a report and videos.

The HundrED Spotlight is co-organized together with the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation to start their NXTEducator program on the theme of employability. 



Submission guide
Share your innovation


MAY 10th
Innovation search begins

JUNE 30th
Innovation submission period ends

Innovation research and reviews 

Innovation selection and content production

Spotlight Summit in Taipei

Discover innovations

The leerKRACHT foundation believes in the quality of all teachers, and wishes to give ownership of education back to the teachers. It aims to achieve this through hel...
Educator quality, Educators, Educator training, Leadership, Leadership Development, Professional Development
Curionesty School
The biggest dilemma of education in this era, is that the ideas of “school” and “education” have become antonyms. What Curionesty School is doing, is putting all of ou...
Awareness, Courage, Curiosity, Innovative Small and Micro School, Youth Education
Making a drone using open-source technology
We have designed a drone which can be made using readily available materials in the market and Arduino - an open-source hardware and software platform. The objective i...
Drone Technology, EdTech, IOT, Makerspace, Robotics, STEM, Teacher Training
Fun China World
Fun China World (https://funchinaworld.com) provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China wh...
Educational Game, Game-based Learning, Language learning, Learning Management System, serious games, video games
Co-Publishing Project : Inspire Taiwan children from remote schools learning motivation
Visual is the worldwide language.This project has already published two kind of Visual composition books which total amount are 6,000 copies. We combined smart phones,...
Co-Publishing Project, Economically disadvantaged groups, Learning motivation, Photography formula, Remote school children, Smart phones, Social Media, the second generation of New residents of Taiwan
2019年夏天,花蓮玉里秀姑巒溪旁即將啟動一間體制外的全阿美語幼兒園。我們的任務是創造一個全母語的學習環境,讓3到6歲的孩子可以用自己的母語學習自己的文化。 學校主要課程是從河出發。孩子將透過感官來學習:如何在河裡嬉戲游泳,並觀察河的四季會發生什麼變化、河裡有什麼生物,以及河邊的田地在不同季節會長出什麼野菜。 除了透過身體來學...
cultural education, farming, fishing, indigenous, indigenous children, Language education, learning environment, mother tongue, nature, Pangcah people, river, School for indigenous children, water
iPOWER! youth empower fellow students to develop leadership qualities and explore social entrepreneurial skills. For example, IPOWER has successfully put on theater pe...
Community Building, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, Community Engagement, community revitalization, creative industry, English Learning, Global citizen, Personalized Learning, placemaker, Social entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, social innovation, STEAM, Sustainable Food, Youth Empowerment
Teach For Taiwan
TFT goes beyond conventional measures and offers a sustainable, systemic solution to educational inequity. We recruit high-potential, mission-driven individuals to com...
Children Rights, childrens learning, Education, Equality, Leadership Skills, opportunity gap, Remote school children, Schools, Taiwan, teachers
BEEP Lab - Design mentoring to spark creativity & Innovation for kids 快樂追築
BEEP Lab is an education & training consultancy founded in Taiwan since 2015 and is now based in Singapore as a registered social enterprise. We aim to enrich and enga...
architecture, Creative education, Design facilitation, Design Thinking, Higher Critical thinking, K-12 Education, Multidisciplinary Learning, steam education
1 482 views
Youth Transdisciplinary Training Program
National Taiwan Science Education Center initiated “Adolescent Transdisciplinary Integration Talent Cultivation Program”. Outstanding teachers are invited to apply inn...
對科技與新知的焦慮,使得教育工作者著急地將各式議題,以「有效率」的方式帶進課堂中,學生們誤以為聽到、看到,就已經盡了「世界公民」的義務,忽略「起身行動、做出改變」才是學習最重要的一環。考驗人性且仍危急的「難民議題」就這樣被帶過。 我們體現阿美族耆老的提醒:「身體,要在嘴巴前面!」結合「Drama in Education」的概...
Drama in Education, Empathy, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Simulation Education, Theory of multiple intelligences, 擬真體驗教育
The Educate! Model
Educate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today’s economy. We tackle youth unemployment by partnering with schools and governments to reform what...
21st Century Learning, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Secondary Education, Skills Based Education, Skills Development, Student Centered Learning, Workforce Readiness, Youth Empowerment

How does it work?

Who can apply?

Any Chinese speaking K12 educator or innovator around the world can submit their project focusing on employability skills from May 10th to June 30th, 2019 using the HundrED Platform for sharing their innovation for a review. 

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Who can apply?

Any Chinese speaking K12 educator or innovator around the world can submit their project focusing on employability skills from May 10th to June 30th, 2019 using the HundrED Platform for sharing their innovation for a review. 

In December 2019, 10 inspiring education innovations will be selected by an expert jury and announced in the Spotlight Summit in Taipei. The ten selected applications adhere to a strict selection criteria of FIT+HUG (see below), while being impactful, scalable and innovative. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are then shared with the world in the form of a report and videos.


Friendly by Nature
Innovative with Diversity
Technology Aware


Human-Centric Approach
Uniting multiple domains
Global view with local act


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How are projects selected?

To determine how well submissions fit the three criteria, HundrED uses the following descriptive factors that have been shown in innovation literature...

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How are projects selected?

Research is being made by adapting the FIT+HUG criteria by the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation and the three criteria by HundrED of innovativeness, impact, and scalability.

Based on these factors, alongside qualitative evidence from interviews with the research teams, innovations are given an overall score. Innovations are scored twice, first based on their current state and then based on their potential. To determine how well submissions fit the criteria, the following descriptive factors will be used:

HundrED Criteria

Innovativeness: Valuable improvement within the context

Impact: Established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence

Scalability: Adaptable in new environments with a commitment to scale

FIT+HUG Criteria

Friendly by Nature: Innovation encourages students to be friendly not only at work, but also exhibit sincerity and goodwill in all interaction with people, matters and things

Innovative with Diversity: Innovation encourages students to integrate different cultural influences, and are accustomed to formulating solutions from multiple perspectives

Technology Aware: Innovation encourages students to be willing to accept technological trends and new knowledge, and seeks to utilise them

Human-Centric Approach: Innovation encourages students to be empathetic and take initiative to understand customers’ needs, and design or provide customer-centric services in a timely manner as well as effectively solve problems and meet customers needs

Uniting multiple domains: Innovation encourages students to understand the cultural and professional values of different domains, lead teams from different disciplines to have discussions and dialogues and jointly create the best solution for achieving goals

Global view with local act: Innovation encourages students to appropriately use global knowledge and experience to design solutions that are suitable and capable of enhancing the value and quality of local industries


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