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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Experiencing our Built and Natural Environment through the lens of Architecture

BEEP LAB - Design mentoring to spark creativity & Innovation for kids 快樂追築

Singapore, 51 Middle Road
BEEP Lab is an education & training consultancy founded in Taiwan since 2015 and is now based in Singapore as a registered social enterprise. We aim to enrich and engage the minds of children, teenagers and educators through lens of architecture. Using design thinking to nurture one’s mastery in creativity, confidence, and collaboration so as to prepare them to be responsible users and designers.

BEEP LAB to Build Creative Confidence of your child through design thinking

Albert Liang Tsu Ying, Founder and Executive Director
“To empower kids to be aware of current issues around the world and participate in design to interact with these issues. Inspiring them to be confident, collaborative and compassionate human being.”

Albert Liang Tsu Ying, Founder and Executive Director

BEEP LAB = Built Environment Experiential Project. 

BEEP Curriculum usesAR.C.HI.TEC.TURE ] as a Catalyst to promote interdisciplinary learning to enrich K-12 education to be more scenario and inquiry oriented learning approach.  We are developing our BEEP Curriculum to be accessible ONLINE, ONSITE & OWN PACE.       

[ARt X Community X HIstory X TEChnology X naTURE] Framework

ARCHITECTURE makes such a big part of our lives, we live, play, work and connect with people in all types of built and natural environment. It is imperative that we develop the right kind of Mindset, Attitude, Participation and Service (MAPS) to be responsible users and designer of our shared built, natural and cultural environment.

BEEP Lab design and curate bilingual ( English and Chinese) curriculum that is relevant to Singapore, Taiwan,  Malaysia and Asia region. Partnering with FunMeiker who is based in Taiwan, Yilan. 

KIDsBuild : 5-12 years old     | TeensBuild: 12-15 years old

 Joy of Building: Educator & Design Facilitator Training

BEEP Lab KidsBuild X Archifest 

And with our collaboration with Singapore based architecture firms and developers to work with student care centres and schools, we are able to initiate multiple platforms that is able to reach to 1500 elementary school students. And piloting corporate social responsibilities initiatives to partner with Singapore Institute of Architects(SIA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Community Development Council (CDC) to promote architecture education at the national level through Annual Archifest, children season and artist festivals.

BEEP Lab aims redefine how an architectural practitioner can apply the multidisciplinary approach to merge Education, Design, Social work & Creativity. Reimagine our identity of an architect who build physical structures to create meaningful spaces to service everyday life to become an “ Architect of Life” that influences and inspires people to discover their blueprint and purpose of an architect and become a full time or locum architectural educators who designer and shape the minds of our younger generation. 

The true essence of architecture for children isn't exactly just a pure pursuit of an academic or education exposition. This is a discovery of one’s inner life, passion and test of courage and sharpening of clarity and purpose. So that one day on hindsight went we look back at the work we are doing, we will see transformation of life and the joy of building one’s aptitude and attitude to our life’s work.

What are the learning goals of the innovation? 

Architecture is a multidisciplinary discipline that allows children and youth to experience learning with diverse point of views. This allows the learner is to holistically develop their sensitivity and awareness to the built, natural and cultural environment around us. 

Our Approach to learning

The best way to learn is to teach, and indeed, quoting from Confucius, "I listen and I forget. I see and I understand. I do and I remember." Architecture offers a diverse approach to enable learning to be relevant to their lives and experiential by stimulating diverse way to learn, some are Auditory, Visual, Reading/Writing or Kinesthetics.  

What impact is the innovation expected to have?

In this VUCA world, a "one-answer-fits-all" approach no longer applies. Thus, BEEP lab believes in empowering our future generations with the skills and abilities to create an environment of openness that values discovery, diverse perspectives, and experimentation. BEEP lab hopes that through this approach, our future generations will be better positioned for the future of work, live and play. 

What are our goals and vision for the future?

BEEP Lab is now in a transitional phase where we have developed a core team of design facilitators over the last 3 years since 2016 we have work with students from various tertiary design institutions such as National University of Singapore ( NUS) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Art ( NAFA). And we have also trained over 100 design facilitators who are able to work alongside us to engage in large scale festivals, events and camps. And we have also been engaged by some of the top early childhood institution in Singapore such as St James Church Kindergarten and E Bridge to conduct educator training workshops to value add to educators’ capacity to engage their children with the learning of our built, natural and cultural environment. 

Moving forward as we are growing to our 6th year milestone, BEEP Lab is poised to grow our own full time Architectural Education Team to anchor our own BEEP curriculums, BEEP Toolkits, BEEP studio and BEEP training frameworks to impact and grow our design facilitator team base and capability as an education and training portal. 

We aim to attract 20 Design mentors from interdisciplinary field to guide and provide a positive role models to our BEEP Kids and youth. We wish to empower 100 design facilitators and 500 professional educators over the next 3 years to impact 10000 children and youth age between 5-14 years old. 

So that by 2022 we will have a self sustaining community of design facilitators and mentors who possess the BEEP Lab values and vision to engage, enrich and empower children with design thinking skills that are able to map traditional subjects to real life situations so that they can develop their interest in learning. 


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Innovation Overview
5 - 14
Age Group
2 996
Tips for implementation
Startup an architecture design studio for kids and youth. Commitment X Program X Teams X Partners X Hardware X SpaceX Tools multidisciplinary approach to merge Education, Design, Social work and Creativity. Learn from online open sources. Prototype & refine by experimenting with local partners.
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Reimagine Our Future city (E ng) 新中少年国际创意大赛 | SCCE X FOGG X BEEP
BEEP X FOGG | Reimagine Our Future City : Online Design Studio for KIDS:(For P1-P6 kids)
BEEP LAB presents ArKIDtect 201 : in Wonderland
BEEP LAB presents, ArKIDtect for a day!
KIDsBuild : BEEP Lab X ArKIDect in wonderland
KIDsBuild : BEEP LAB X Home Sweet Home
TeensBuild : CapitaLand Young Architect Programme 2018
Joy of Building : Facilitator & Teacher training


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Learning Needs Analysis
Understand the learning needs of your community
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Customising and contextualising
Communicate core learning objectives and devise a strategy to established pedagogical framework powered by BEEP curriculum's ArCHiTecTure studio approach.
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Formalise BEEP Partnership
Sign MOU and NDA to receive more detailed information about BEEP licensing program. You will receive all necessary information in detail to make plans to start BEEP Lab programs in your respective country and region
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Build BEEP Team
Build up your capability of your team
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Pilot BEEP Pop Ups
As part of the training and equipping, we will begin by piloting workshops and events to empower your local teams to be activated and to have an opportunity to familiarise with the program content, training scope, logistic management, venue set up , marketing strategies and engaging parents.
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Establishing BEEP presence
Develop marketing strategy to allow team to be self operating
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