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This project collected the pictures from children and the formula from teachers to Co-Publishing the “Photography formula” books .

Co-Publishing Project : Inspire Taiwan children from remote schools learning motivation

Shanlin District, Taiwan
Visual is the worldwide language.This project has already published two kind of Visual composition books which total amount are 6,000 copies. We combined smart phones, internet and social media. Children could take pictures by“Photography formula”and discussed with teachers by “Facebook” or“ Line” group without distance. This two books transferred different culture of families to Chinese World.

What did Co-publishing project create to Taiwan children from remote schools?

Chang Tien-Hsiung ,  CEO of Wu-Mai Education Foundation
“This project created simple “Photography formula” which based on “Gestalt psychology” combined with smart phones, social media to arouse remote children learning motivation, and overcame real market.”

Chang Tien-Hsiung , CEO of Wu-Mai Education Foundation

In Taiwan, remote school children & the second generation of new residents were treated as economically disadvantaged groups, they were used to accept donation from the masses by stereotype of compassion and mercy.

 Proposer of this project spent 10 years in remote school education, interacted with children to create 15 “Photography formula” for the first book and 6“Picture story formula” for the second book. These two books have 6,000 copies and e-books.

Co-publishing project created three-layer innovation.

 The first one is to arouse children`s learning motivation. Combined with smart phones, social media and “Photography formula”, we share to the children through the observation of their daily life environment and always being patience for waiting good timing to take the pictures.

 The second is to transfer new residents families culture to Chinese World and fuse two generation of new residents, children could understand their mom`s hard work and respect different countries culture. Because the book of “Picture story formula”was created by the second generation of new residents which recorded the new residents’ mothers who came from different countries (China, Vietnam, Cambodia……). Children could understand their mom's hard work and feel grateful to their family. Though these two books, we want to deliver to people not only about the Photography skill, but also discover and share the different cultures of families in Taiwan to Chinese World.

The third-layer innovation is to build up the self-recognition and multiple intelligence for the remote school children& the second generation of new residents. To evidence that they can create their own future and overcome challenges by real market. NT$10,000 school funding has been created from this project for the poor children of remote school.

The children donated 100 copies of these 2 published books to Kaohsiung Library, thus their successful stories can be shared to the 2,770,000 KAO citizen, and from that moment the children started their new chapter to become donors with contribution to society.

The core aim of the Co-publishing project is to deploy a framework which can be duplicated by any kinds of art and life skills. Children may face different kinds of challenges by real market, but they can take responsibility by themselves.

That`s what education should do!

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Innovation Overview
7 - 18
Age Group
1 500
Tips for implementation
These books arouse children`s learning motivation because they could be the teachers of all the people who want to learn photography.We sold 6,000 books to the market and earned about $10,000 ,which had already became schooling foundation of children, and eliminated the stereotype of compassion.
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Making Pictures
Use the paper frames and smart phones to teach children composition.
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Discuss by Social Media
Discuss the pictures which took by children by social media.
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book publishing
Collect children pictures and publish book.
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Marketing by children
Marketing the books by children and challenge by market.
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