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How can we inspire young people to step out of comfort zone, discover their passion & purpose and create meaningful impact in the society?

City Wanderer- Wandering Challenge

City Wanderer strives to inspire youth to discover, pursue their purpose through innovative education program, to find their passion and self-worth through persistent actions. Youth sign up in a team of 3, and over 3 weeks complete 30 missions to begin a journey of self-exploration and creating change. So far we have inspired 10,000 youth in 17 cities to complete over 35,000 missions!

Inspire youth, cultivate purpose.

 張希慈 Anny Chang, Co-Founder and CEO of International City Wanderer Education Association
“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to change the world!”

張希慈 Anny Chang, Co-Founder and CEO of International City Wanderer Education Association

What we do?

City Wanderer enhances the self-understanding and the social participation of youth through the innovative education service, helping them to be more courageous in exploring their passion and attempting to create change so they could have different possibilities in the future. After interacting with groups from other cultural background, these youth can also increase their empathy, gratitude, interpersonal skills, action-taking skills and other global citizenship components. We aspire to inspire youth to discover and pursue their purpose through gamified guidance.
The idea of Wandering Challenge was born in 2013, with the purpose of urging students to step out of school, make the city their classroom and create meaningful learning and growth through challenging themselves and their comfort zone. The Challenge designs for 3 students to form a team, challenge themselves to complete 30 missions within 3 weeks. These missions encourage students to bravely make personal breakthroughs, meet and listen to people from diverse social levels and minority groups, and attempt to create changes using innovative methods.
Through Wandering Challenge, young people develop a sense of purpose and responsibility for the world, and as a result they try to make the world a better place as they pursue their passion. 

4 Dimensions that we are seeking our participants to cultivate through finishing different missions in Wandering challenge

  1. Self-Awareness: Self-understanding, self-approval, and the ability to listen to oneself
  2. Adventure & Challenge: Courage to make personal breakthroughs, perseverance, and the ability to problem-solve. 
  3. Connection Rebuilding: Communication and interperonsal relationship development
  4. Social Participation: Global citizenship, empathy, and social responsibility.

Why we do it?

City Wanderer was formed by six students in 2013 , at a course of National Taiwan University called “Introduction of Organization Operation”. The team found out that the education system of Taiwan doesn’t focus on encouraging teenagers to get involved in social participations and explore or determine their own future under the testing-oriented culture. This leads to a phenomenon where most college graduates could not get into suitable fields or work in a field that they are passionate about, and many focus so much on self-achievement that they ignore the needs of different groups in the society. 

So, they started thinking: “What if there are more young people willing to brainstorm and think about ways to make the world a better place? Moreover, if they could find their purpose and self-worth throughout the process, wouldn’t that make these youth more confident and resilient in facing the ever-changing world today? Wouldn’t that also build a society with more empathy and tolerance for diverse career pathways and various life choices?” The team also figured that most of students often stayed in their comfort zone, so they make it as the objective, combining the mission challenging idea from one of the Taiwanese TV show “Fun Taiwan” in designing the global first “City Wanderer Wandering Challenge”(CWC) . The CWC is structured as 30 different missions, with the theme: “stepping out of the comfort zone”, completed by 3 people in a group, and participants share their reflections during the closing ceremony.

City Wanderer’s Mission

Inspire youth to discover and pursue their purpose. Guide our youth to step into the city as their classroom, find their passion and self-worth through persistent actions. As they change themselves, they can change the world and make it a better place.

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Innovation Overview
16 - 18
Age Group
10 000
1 161
Tips for implementation
Funding, event venues and volunteers can support our recent Wandering Challenges happening in different countries of Asia through a “tour” format, using the idea of a concert tour. 5 different Asian countries, 7 different cities join efforts with us to launch an inspiring youth movement.
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