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Report Finds Visual Arts Education is Essential for Preparing Students for the Modern Workforce

15.12.2020 | BY MARIAH O'MARA

We have just released a new Spotlight Report with gaming giant Supercell on the importance of fostering visual arts skills in education.

The last decade has seen a significant decrease in funding and resources directed towards Visual Arts Education. The pressure for schools to focus on accountability measures with standardized tests in STEM subjects has played a big role in this decline. Recognizing the need to bolster visual arts education around the world we set out to identify and highlight the leading visual arts innovations working to help prepare students for a changing world.

“Game Artists are in high demand and very much sought after and yet, while in conversation with our own game artists at Supercell, we realized that there was a common denominator: many of them had been discouraged at times to pursue Art as a career choice, “ remarked Lesley Mansford, Global CSR at Supercell

The world is turning more visual every day, and that’s why we are seeing an increased need for professionals to work in the field of Visual Arts. This report explores the diversity of career opportunities available to young people looking to pursue the arts. In addition, the findings of the report confirm that Visual Arts in education is key in helping prepare students for the modern workforce. Chris Petrie, Head of Research at HundrED explained, “Educators and parents are frequently not aware of the rich array of exciting opportunities that are available for young people that develop specialized abilities in Visual Arts. As a result, few students discover their interest and talent for Visual Arts in their life – if at all.” 

The selected innovations underwent a rigorous review process composed of four distinct phases. In the first phase, the HundrED Research team conducts an exhaustive search using both targeted outreach and crowdsourcing. The innovations are then shortlisted and evaluated by an expert Advisory Board. The Advisory Board for this Spotlight included teachers, leaders, city representatives, and artists from over 15 counties who are passionate about prioritizing visual arts in education. Over the course of the study, Five Guiding Principles to Fostering Visual Arts Education were identified. The innovations were then paired with these principles. Below you will find the principles with a sample of their corresponding innovations:

5 Guiding Principles to Foster Visual Arts in Education and their Corresponding Innovations 

Visual Arts should help celebrate diversity in schools 

Visual Arts can and should be integrated into all subjects to help communicate complex ideas 

Group, as well as individual projects, are needed 

Students should be exposed to the diversity of careers open to those with visual arts skills 

Visual Arts should be fostered for all students to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness

In addition, the report offers two recommendations for policymakers to foster Visual Arts in Education 

  • More funding is needed for Visual Arts programs
  • Visual Arts should be fostered for all students to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness

The HundrED Spotlight on Visual Arts in Education is available to download on the HundrED website at no cost. For easy sharing, all innovations are freely available on the HundrED website