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Equipping youth to process and tell their stories through photography.

100cameras is a nonprofit organization that works with youth around the world, and we teach them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that impacts how they view themselves and their role in their community.

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Visual Arts in Education

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February 2024

About the innovation

We believe youth will change the world


Every kid – no matter their background or circumstances – deserves the right to process their experiences in a way that leads to emotional freedom in their future.

Humanity deserves more than the right to survive, but to thrive. At our foundation is the commitment to equip and uplift the youth of the world and to amplify their perspectives and voices through a platform that teaches self-expression in a way that positively impacts their view of themselves and their role in their community.


100cameras equips youth worldwide with tools to process and tell their experiences. Our custom curriculum improves emotional intelligence, well-being, resilience, and community-building skills. Photography becomes a new access to self-expression, connection, and youth experiencing themselves as leaders. The program platform is designed to be inclusive, accessible, and educational and has options available that work in partnership with local organizations or with youth individually.

Our platform includes Extensive Programs that work directly in partnership with local organizations such as schools, community centers, children's homes, and enrichment programs. Implemented in 50+ communities worldwide, our custom curriculum teaches emotional skills development, composition, photography, and storytelling through interactive lectures, camera and photo activities, and group discussions. Through these programs, we provide all necessary materials, equipment, and support and work closely with local leadership to align with their goals and needs.

Additionally, our platform includes a self-guided, interactive online program that provides turnkey programming to youth directly, utilizing the 100cameras curriculum arc. This activity resource helps them connect with themselves and their surroundings. This program can be done individually or in groups, with no specific type of camera needed. With a reach of over 33,000 participant sign-ups to date, this program continues to scale.


From the USA to India to Cuba to Vietnam to Iraq, Uganda, and Venezuela, youth are learning how to process their experiences, express themselves, and tell the stories of their lives through our custom curriculum that teaches storytelling, self-expression, and photography skills.

Our program has been shown to increase students’ ability to process and share their experiences, improve their emotional intelligence and community-building skills, and increase their self-esteem.

We have launched partnerships with Apple, Paramount, Adobe, Fujifilm, ViacomCBS, Whole Foods' Foundation, Framebridge, JOBY, and more.


As showcased in the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research’s report, “Cradled by Conflict," renowned research supports our specific approach and programming, proving that youth who have experienced difficulties and were given an opportunity to process and share their past challenges were impacted positively over time. They felt heard and valued and were more likely to become effective contributors to their communities.

Our method and approach were included as an example of an enrichment program that could come alongside communities and local development organizations by providing this opportunity to their youth. In addition, we are proud to share that many images taken by 100cameras students around the world were included as features in the published report.

Further academic research ties this exact link between the provision of visual arts to the impact it has with youth who have experienced challenges or difficulty in any way. Across the spectrum of challenges that youth face today, research supports that those who have been given the platform to process, tell, and feel heard are more likely to engage versus disengage.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

100cameras empowers young people to share their art and story through photography. They have created a platform for students to learn, create and also earn money that is then reintegrated for the betterment of their communities. The recent introduction of their online teacher workshops helps their inspiring work reach more students.

HundrED Academy Reviews

A beautiful way to help children express their stories through photographs, strengthening their self esteem and personal identity in difficult circumstances. Everyone has a story to tell, and listening to the stories of others can develop empathy.

This project is very easily scalable as it consists of a mobile and flexible structure, requiring only cameras, informed instructors, and the curiosity of the students about photography.

- Academy member
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