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29.5.2020 |

Our Spotlight on Visual Arts Closes with Innovations from Every Continent

The submission period for our Spotlight on Visual Arts in Education closed last Friday, May, 15th, with submissions from over 30 countries, with representatives from every continent. This Spotlight partners with Supercell to showcase leading innovations from around the world that both encourage self-expression and cultivate the creative thinking skills needed for 21-century life and work.

Over the past four months, educators and innovators from around the world have been submitting their inspiring solutions and practices in Visual Arts in Education

This Spotlight partners with Supercell in order to highlight 10, or more, of the brightest innovations, focused on visual arts education. With the recent emphasis on STEM education worldwide to prepare students for the modern workforce, the value and importance of art education in schools is often sidelined. However, we believe there are many benefits to developing skills in visual arts.

This project specifically aims to highlight the diversity of approaches promoting these skills and abilities within and outside formal school education in a variety of social, economic, and cultural contexts. 

The submission period closed Friday, May, 15th, with submissions from over 30 countries, with representatives from every continent. 24% of the submissions came from the Global South, while 76% came from the Global North. The themes identified include: 

  • 33% interdisciplinary 
  • 20% digital art 
  • 16% analogue art 
  • 16% underprivileged 
  • 15% other (teacher professional development, learning environments, and educator networks)

We now enter into the next phase of the process. This phase of the review process includes a thorough review of all eligible applications by HundrED’s global research team in cooperation with Supercell. They will create a shortlist of innovations that will then be shared with an expert advisory board. The advisory board will then make its selection based on the applications' adherence to strict criteria of being impactful & scalable. 

Following the review period, the selected innovations will be announced at the official launch event in December.