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BEEP LAB - Design mentoring to spark creativity & Innovation for kids 快樂追築

Experiencing our Built and Natural Environment through the lens of Architecture

BEEP Lab is an education & training academy founded in Taiwan since 2015 and is now based in Singapore as a registered social enterprise. We aim to enrich and engage the minds of children, teenagers and educators through lens of architecture. Using design thinking to nurture one’s mastery in creativity, confidence, and collaboration so as to prepare them to be responsible users and designers.

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June 2019
To empower kids to be aware of current issues around the world and participate in design to interact with these issues. Inspiring them to be confident, collaborative and compassionate human being.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

In this digital age, children are over dependent on the use of digital devices. At BEEP Lab we believe that a holistic development of a child needs to be back to basics. Where proper analogue and digital tools needs to be properly introduced. To prevent our children from overly stimulated by video graphics. We want to use design thinking to empower them to be active participants of our world.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

BEEP Lab ( Built Environment Experiential Programme)

BEEP Lab is a Design Thinking Creative Lab for children and youth from Singapore. BEEP Lab’s mission to Engage , Enrich and Empower our young learners to spark creativity and nurture the sense of stewardship of our built, natural and cultural environment we lived in.

BEEP Lab’s curriculum takes on the design & visual thinking routine approach to See, Wonder & Do. By curating design thinking projects that are relevant to the challenges of our world with experiential learning approaches to Build , Share and Learn through hands-on collaborative creation processes using architectural design project briefs.

How has it been spreading?

Over the last 5 years, BEEP Lab has been curating over hundreds of interactive and intentional design thinking workshops, camps, events and zoom workshops to impact more than 1000 children in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If your child is struggling to focus in class or find reading and studying uninteresting, come and find BEEP LAB, our experiential learning journey will inspire and active your child's desire to learn.

Learning how to learn and take ownership of our built and natural environment. We want to work with School principals and student care centres to promote 21st CC after school creative programme.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

BEEP is a program that utilizes the design process for holistic learning experiences. It encourages creativity that motivates young learners through experiential learning. Operations in four countries show potential for replication in many other regions - especially with its developments to adapt to the challenges of COVID with hybrid modes of learning.

HundrED Academy Reviews

This programme seems ready to explode! I appreciate the low requirements for material resources, and how the programme is already creating a network community of architects and designers to contribute.

Love the aim to enrich and engage the minds of children, teenagers and educators through lens of architecture. Uses design thinking to nurture one’s mastery in creativity, confidence, and collaboration so as to prepare them to be responsible users and designers.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Learning Needs Analysis

In order to have a long term sustainable impact, we believe that we must work with the respective partners and their localised context to strategies the relevant scope for the educational landscape.

Customising and contextualising
After understanding and establishing clearly the potential partner's learning needs. We will work closely with you to scope and customise the learning goals and outcome base on Built Environment Education Programme powered by ArCHiTecTure. So as to aligned the key learning experiences that is suited and relevant to the educational landscape of the country and community.
Formalise BEEP Partnership

With alignment in educational goals and direction, we can now proceed to formalise the agreement and partnership to access to the BEEP curriculum and subscribe to our consultancy and training pathway to engage, enrich and empower your to master BEEP curriculum for your learners.

Build BEEP Team
Building a trusted local team with the aligned vision and purpose of design education is critical. We will begin by training your core partners and team internally and then we will work closely with you to engage your team of facilitators and mentors in your respective local community.
Pilot BEEP Pop Ups

BEEP Lab believe that we can build a stronger internal framework by piloting ground breaking engagements and collaborations with your local education network is a key to find relevance and building a long lasting credibility in your respective market.

Establishing BEEP presence

Establish a 12-15 months pilot phase to build up pedagogical, operational and marketing capability and allow local team to develop independence.

Spread of the innovation

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