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Want to blend dance and drawing in creative group workshops?

Segni Mossi

Marker Rome, Italy
A rule-bending method of creative education that brings together movement and art in workshops for learners and teachers alike.

What is Segni Mossi?

Alessandro Lumare
“We are not interested in finished products. We are mainly interested in living the experience.”

Alessandro Lumare, Segni Mossi co-founder

Creative arts are an important outlet for people of all ages, but many may fear that they are not good enough to dance or make art.

Segni Mossi aims to find interesting ways to bring the arts into education. They work to engage all kinds of learners, encourage freedom of expression without anxiety and teach valuable skills such as creativity and curiosity. 

Created in Italy by Alessandro (an illustrator) and Simona (a dancer), Segni Mossi offers workshops and training courses that blend movement with graphic art. The key focus is on workshops in public primary schools, in conjunction with Mus-e, an organisation that works to promote social inclusion through arts in Rome. Segni Mossi supports several schools through weekly movement and art workshops. 

The intention of the workshops is to explore the common ground between dance and drawing. Learners of all ages are able to experience how these two languages can blend together, using a sensory approach in a non-competitive setting. The workshops focus on creating an environment that stimulates collaboration and innovation, supporting participants to overcome fears that block creativity.

Segni Mossi also runs training courses for teachers and adults all over the world, to pass on their approach to artistic education. These courses explore practical proposals for educators to implement in schools. When educators take these ideas back to learners, the focus is on working with young people to research and create art rather than teaching them.

Feedback from teachers is that this style of creative education has allowed them to see their students in a different light, especially those who may have more difficulties in the classroom. Many students seem to really enjoy learning in this way and are able to express themselves much more freely through dance and drawing.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
Segni Mossi works with schools to run workshops for both learners and teachers. Any educators who are passionate about movement and art could also set up their own events. All that is needed is a space, a few materials (these will vary depending on the session) and willing participants.
HundrED Criteria
Segni Mossi doesn't believe in boundaries when it comes to art. Learners don't have to paint sitting down, but can draw with their whole bodies, without looking, with their voices, in the air. There are no limits!
Learners and teachers alike develop creativity and self-confidence through experimenting, taking risks and making discoveries. Motivation, communication and curiosity is fostered among all participants.
Segni Mossi have run over 60 training courses in 14 different countries. There is much potential for collaboration with many different organisations and for creative programmes like this to be established elsewhere all around the world.

How do you implement it?


Get in touch

To find out more about Segni Mossi's approach or work with them directly, simply get in touch.

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There is lots of information on their website and Alessandro and Simona are always happy to answer any questions. 


Organise a workshop or training course

Segni Mossi runs workshops for students and training courses for adults, while educators can also take inspiration from Segni Mossi to start their own creative arts sessions.

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There are no rules! For those interested in the ideas behind Segni Mossi, this interest can be taken forward in many ways. Segni Mossi is happy to collaborate with organisations all over the world and the ideas can also be developed independently by any educator who would like to enhance artistic education in their school.


Share the experience

Spread the word and know that feedback is always welcome.

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Learners and teachers who have used the Segni Mossi approach to artistic education are very welcome to share their feedback with Alessandro and Simona. Sharing the experience with the wider community is also strongly encouraged!


What does it look like in practice?

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