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TUMO Center for Creative Technologies

TUMO is a new kind of educational experience at the intersection of technology and design.

At TUMO, teens learn because they want to. The TUMO learning program is made up of self-learning activities, workshops and project labs around 14 learning targets. Students combine the learning targets into personal learning plans, which constantly adapt to fit their progress and evolving preferences. Over 20,000 teens attend TUMO centers in Armenia, France, Germany, Switzerland, and more.

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October 2023

About the innovation

What is TUMO Center for Creative Technologies

The TUMO program covers 14 learning targets: Animation, Game Development, Filmmaking, Web Development, Music, Writing, Drawing, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Computer Programming, Robotics, Motion Graphics, Photography and New Media. The program alternates independent learning activities supported by coaches, with hands-on workshops taught by the center's specialised staff, and project labs led by industry leaders from across the globe.

Self-Learning:Self-learning activities are short, interactive exercises designed to inspire and build up skills. Coaches help with activities by getting learners unstuck, advising, and providing encouragement. There are hundreds of activities to choose from, and most are prerequisites that lead to workshops in each learning target.

Workshops:Workshops are led by specialists across TUMO’s 14 learning targets. They range from beginner to advanced and culminate in individual or team projects. Each project is published to the participant’s portfolio and is sometimes submitted to competitions and festivals, or published online and on app stores.

Project Labs:Project Labs are offered on an ad hoc basis by top technology and design professionals from around the world. Over 100 of these instructors come to TUMO every year to lead advanced labs and to work with TUMO teens on real life projects. Labs can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

How does TUMO work?

Teens combine the TUMO learning targets in their own personal learning plans, which are always adapting to fit their progress and evolving preferences. Soft skills, such as teamwork, initiative-taking, empathy and effective communication, are built into the educational program along with content area know-how and technical skills.

There are no student cohorts at TUMO – students of all ages, social background and interests work together at various times in different workshops and labs; no entrance exams, requirements or fees – all applicants are accepted free of charge; no grades – students do not compete with each other, but are rather motivated to gain access to their favourite workshops and labs, and to level up, as they would in a video game; and no certificate of completion – instead, each student's work is automatically uploaded to their online portfolio, which becomes their "living diploma."

How is TUMO spreading?

There are four TUMO centers in Armenia (19,000 active students), and two more are under development. Internationally, a TUMO center opened in Paris in collaboration with the Municipality of Paris in September 2018, and another opened in Beirut, Lebanon in November 2018. TUMO Los Angeles, TUMO Marseille, and several other international locations are expected to open in the next few years.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

TUMO is creating a safe space for students to explore a variety of visual arts skills with the help of mentors and personalised learning targets. They also provide an implementation kit to open a center in any urban environment, which can then support satellite "TUMO-in-a-box" locations in surrounding rural areas, available in multiple languages.

HundrED Academy Reviews

Nurturing of lifelong learning and creativity through an innovative and flexible program like TUMO can be very impactful. I love the idea of a 'living diploma' that you continue building on. Building future skills is not linear and this speaks to that.

This innovation already shows scalability in the works and the nexus between coaches, industry staff, and students shows great promise for future scaling up.

- Academy member
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