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Visual Arts in Education

Spotlight 2020

With the recent emphasis on STEM education worldwide to prepare students for the modern workforce, the value and importance of art education in schools is often sidelined. However, there are many benefits to developing skills in visual arts: For example, to effectively develop self-expression, confidence, and the creative thinking skills needed for 21st century life and work.

Supported by Supercell

Spotlight: Visual Arts

Most students do not discover their interest and talent for Visual Arts until their adult life – if at all. However, there are also many benefits to developing abilities in Visual Arts beyond future career prospects; self-expression, confidence, problem solving, and creative thinking for example.

Important dates

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Phase 1: All innovations gathered


Phase 2 Shortlist created


Phase 3: Academy Member review period started


Phase 3: Academy Member review period ended


Phase 4: Selection workshops


Phase 4: Selections made and innovations notified


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