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Visual Arts in Education

With the recent emphasis on STEM education worldwide to prepare students for the modern workforce, the value and importance of art education in schools is often sidelined. However, there are many benefits to developing skills in visual arts: For example, to effectively develop self-expression, confidence, and the creative thinking skills needed for 21st century life and work.
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Identify a diversity of effective models for promoting the importance of visual art education as a viable and valuable skill

This Spotlight partners with Supercell with the goal of highlighting 10 or more of the brightest innovations that focus on Visual Art education. It specifically aims to identify a diversity of effective models for promoting the importance of visual art education as a viable and valuable skill – regardless if they are targeting arts-based classes (e.g. design, photography, painting) or for other contexts. This is to highlight the diversity of approaches promoting these skills and abilities within and outside formal school education in a variety of social, economic, and cultural contexts. 


What is Spotlight on Visual Arts in Education?

All submitted applications undergo a thorough research process and screening by an expert advisory board. The selected applications adhere to a strict selection criteria of being impactful and scalable. 



Spotlight: Visual Arts

Most students do not discover their interest and talent for Visual Arts until their adult life – if at all. However, there are also many benefits to developing abilities in Visual Arts beyond future career prospects; self-expression, confidence, problem solving, and creative thinking for example.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
We are a nonprofit organization that works with kids around the world who have had challenging experiences, and we teach them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that im
Dear You
Dear You creates meaningful experiences and friendships among school children, educators, and artists by making and sharing art. Through this process of exchange, a child’s worldview is widened and th
Pixar in a Box
Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar filmmakers do their jobs. With this curriculum and video tutorials students learn how to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, make v
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
BYkids - Their World, Their Films
BYkids produces documentary films by kids to inspire conversations around global issues of human dignity and social justice. Sharing stories of kids (through PBS, Discovery Education and PenPal School
CreAAtive: Art Activities for children and teens with Autism
At the Museo Moderno, we believe that culture is a right and must be accessible to all. Since 2017 we have worked to design engaging tours and workshops for children and teens with autism. We open the
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
At TUMO, teens learn because they want to. The TUMO learning program is made up of self-learning activities, workshops and project labs around 14 learning targets. Students combine the learning targe
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Segni Mossi
A rule-bending method of creative education that brings together movement and art in workshops for learners and teachers alike.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Protsahan's HEART Program
The HEART Program is a unique arts & technology based model of working with adolescent girls from underserved communities who are at risk or are survivors of abuse. Elements of the program work cohe
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
BEEP LAB - Design mentoring to spark creativity & Innovation for kids 快樂追築
BEEP Lab is an education & training academy founded in Taiwan since 2015 and is now based in Singapore as a registered social enterprise. We aim to enrich and engage the minds of children, teenagers a
Multilingual Kamishibai Competition offers educators and children a creative and innovative project open to the diversity of languages: each group creates a multilingual story (using at least four lan
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
The Virtual Bridges Initiative
Artolution's Virtual Bridges Initiative provides refugee and crisis-affected youth with access to online arts education programs that allow participants to connect with peers and artist mentors around

Spotlight: Visual Arts

HundrED and Supercell believe that fostering Visual Art skills can be just as important as numeracy and literacy. Furthermore, we also believe that Visual Arts can be integrated into all learning in schools and developed in a diversity of ways. To this end, the purpose of this project is to shine a spotlight, and make globally visible, leading education innovations from around the world doing exceptional work on developing the skill of Visual Arts for all students, teachers, and leaders in schools today.

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What happens and when?

Phase 1: All innovations gathered
Phase 2 Shortlist created
Phase 3: Academy Member review period started
Phase 3: Academy Member review period ended
Phase 4: Selection workshops
Phase 4: Selections made and innovations notified
Spotlight release
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The last decade has seen a significant decrease in funding and resources directed towards Visual Arts Education. Recognizing the need to bolster visual arts education around the world HundrED and Supercell set out to identify and highlight the leading visual arts innovations working to help prepare students for a changing world.

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