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Explore education innovations recognized by HundrED as well as innovations from shared by the education community across the world.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Slam Out Loud
Slam Out Loud is a for-mission, non-profit that places professional artists in classrooms for a 5-year program and through lived experience create scalable, contextualised learning products. SOL enabl
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Want to fuse creativity and technology? Prospero enables the building of interactive dramas, curating the web into fictions populated with characters, dilemmas, conflicts and challenges designed to pr
Platypus Theater
We are an independent Berlin-based theater group, which develops and produces English-language or bilingual plays for children and teenagers. We explore themes which interest us and which tie in with
Thealingua Vocational Training
The Thealingua method is an innovative approach to teaching and learning foreign languages. At the crossroads between ACTIVE METHODS of teaching-learning and based on the current research in COGNITIV
Ribbon FINLAND 100
Bringing Theater into the Classroom
This innovation describes three different ways for teachers to introduce methods from drama-based pedagogy and drama education into their lessons. This innovation was implemented city-wide, but you ca
Stories on Children's Constitutional Rights
Children are taught their Fundamental Rights and Duties in school. However, they are often unsuccessful in understanding and imbibing these safeguarding policies, as the content is dry and difficult.