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Daydream Believers

Placing creativity at the heart of education

Daydream Believers is a group of passionate, award-winning educators, employers and students who have come together to embed creativity at the heart of education because we believe that innovation, curiosity and resilience are crucial to unlocking the potential of the future workforce. Using project-based learning, we are bringing the "real world" into our classrooms.

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May 2024
Daydream Believers aims to revolutionise education by embedding creative thinking at its core. Through engaging real-world challenges and partnerships, our program equips students with the skills to innovate and solve problems. We envision schools globally adopting this model, fostering a generation of creative thinkers ready to tackle future challenges with confidence and ingenuity.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we continue working in partnerships with incredible people at the forefront of innovation and creativity to develop our resources like LEGO, Skyscanner, and many more. We are inspiring our young people to build new things and to create meaning and sense in the networked world of today, this is about dreaming big and changing lives.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Daydream Believers transforms education by plunging students into thrilling real-world challenges, such as designing a sustainable "Solarpunk Island" where students imagine and create a vibrant island community grounded in ecological balance and renewable innovation.

Starting with deep-dive research, students bring their visionary concepts to life through iterative design. They sharpen their communication skills by presenting their creative solutions and critically evaluate the impact of their work, gaining insights that foster personal and academic growth.

Supported by cutting-edge digital tools for assessment (our Stellar app), this journey not only empowers students with a robust understanding of environmental stewardship but also hones their abilities in critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Daydream Believers - we take the "what" and the "why" and offer a "how."

How has it been spreading?

Daydream Believers is spreading its innovative educational approach through a passionate network of teachers who, rediscovering the joy of learning through our programs, become ambassadors of creative thinking. These educators share their experiences and the transformative impact of our curriculum with peers both locally and globally, inspiring a broader adoption across educational communities. Currently, over 150 schools are actively engaged in our Solarpunk Island challenge and Creative Thinking Qualification, demonstrating the compelling appeal and effectiveness of our approach in fostering creative skills and a proactive learning environment. This grassroots movement is pivotal in catalysing change and promoting our innovative educational model worldwide.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Our experience has proven impact and scalability. All our resources are free to download on our website and can be filtered by age, duration and category. We want to support creative thinking across the world and are keen to speak to partners who are interested in embedding our resources and/ or the Creative Thinking qualification. Contact us -

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

All the resources are free to download on the website and can be filtered by age, duration and category making them easy for teachers to integrate into lesson plans and contextually relevant. Highly scalable model.

High impact, internally & externally validated on teachers knowledge for creative, challenge based classroom teaching, which further expands through students engagement, cooperation and knowledge.

- Academy member
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High Impact
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High Impact
High Scalability
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High Scalability
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Implementation steps

Everyone is a Daydream Believer
Believe you and your students are capable of great creativity and finding new ways to use their minds to solve complex challenges through the bravery of their ideas.
1. Explore Our Resources
Visit our website, browse through our library of always-free resources, explore our curriculum and familiarise yourself with the Creative Thinking Qualification.
2. Implement our Challenges
You can start with "Solarpunk Island", "A New Way to Play", "Forestopia", "SeaStory" or any other preferred challenge from our resources to integrate real-world problem-solving into your lessons. Visit our website, add the preferred resource to your "toolkit", download them to your devices and start exploring the challenges with your class. Educators do not need to do any extra work in preparation, all our resources and presentations are fully designed and ready to go.
3. Collaborate and Share:
Work alongside other educators in our network, share insights and adapt strategies to your local context.
4. Evaluate and Reflect
Use the Stellar app to assess creative thinking, and provide students with a clear understanding of their developmental progress throughout the project.
5. Repeat the process
Take on another challenge with your class and immerse yourselves in the possibilities of using creativity to solve complex problems through joy and excitement.

Spread of the innovation

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