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We leverage the power of visual and performing arts to build Creative Confidence (SEL, 21st century skills) in disadvantaged children.

Slam Out Loud

location_on New Delhi, India
Slam Out Loud is a for-mission, non-profit that places professional artists in classrooms for a 5-year program and through lived experience create scalable, contextualised learning products. SOL enables children from the most vulnerable communities to find their voice through creative expression, build socio-emotional learning and 21st-century skills to dream bigger and create their future.
Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder
Our dreams for children in low-income communities are often restricted to the security of employment, or at best, academic success, but finding one's voice shouldn't be only for the privileged.

Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder

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Updated on November 12th, 2021
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Changing Lives Through the Arts

"I imagine a future where there will be no boundaries, no borders but one land, one religion, humanity, and love. It'll be a world where everyone understands the real meaning of arts and education."

- Supriya, a Slam Out Loud student

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds face a lack of engaging opportunities to build creative confidence and are thereby disempowered to harness their voices to break the cycle of negative outcomes.

Art education has globally proved to build in children skills that help them be more employable and have better life outcomes, yet the average art teacher: student ratio in India is 1:1400 ( according to an RTI filed by Slam Out Loud), giving children less than 20 hours of art education every year.

Slam Out Loud uses the transformative power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence (SEL, 21st-century skills) skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy in children from disadvantaged communities. We work with professional artists and e-learning resources to help children build the skills needed for them to dream bigger and create their future. 

Slam Out Loud's response to Covid-19: Arts For All 

With some 826 million (82.6 crore) students kept out of the classroom by the Covid-19 pandemic without access to a household computer, the past few weeks have made our privilege so visual and for us as educators, highlighting the divide of access in digital engagements and learning. At Slam Out Loud, our shifted reality has strengthened our commitment to making children's voices heard everywhere. 

Arts For All uses the arts along with multiple low tech platforms to deliver support for arts-based socio-emotional learning and mental well being to the most vulnerable children at scale. By offering localized, need-sensitive and engaging at-home audio, video, text, and print resources for learners who have limited access to the internet, we aim to lead children towards creative outcomes and building mental resilience during the COVID-19 based school closure period.

Within a few weeks of school closures, we rapidly adapted our interventions to create resources that are free of cost, interactive, and accessible in English and Hindi (and translated into Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi) and made them available through various low-tech distribution channels - WhatsApp, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) and Radio.

Given diverse levels of access to technology, our intervention is designed to be flexible and to be hosted across different platforms to reach children in the most under resourced spaces.

The Jijivisha Fellowship

The Jijivisha Fellowship is a 5-year relay model wherein professional artists are placed in governmental / low-income classroom every year. Fellows deliver 75 hours of arts-based learning across artforms like poetry, storytelling, theatre and visual arts. We create platforms for children to showcase their talent and each fellowship cycle ends with local and city-wide Art Melas (fairs).

Through comprehensive surveys of various stakeholders, we have seen that: 

  • 94% of our students felt that the course motivated them to learn a new art form,
  • 85% reported they'd grown (become more self-confident and creative) as a result of taking the class. 

We’ve learnt that the addition of art into education has a profound effect on children’s learning because art never tells them they are wrong. Instead, it provides them with a space where their ideas, feelings and identity are accepted without conditions.

The Jijivisha Fellowship is active in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, and we are currently developing a hybrid model (with online sessions) to adapt to the current situation.

Voice For All

We use our learnings from the Jijivisha Fellowship to create scalable, vernacular e-learning resources that are disseminated to teachers, students, and communities through Voice For All. 

Voice For All enables access to art education resources through digital platforms and facilitator training. The e-learning content is interactive, vernacular, free of cost, and adaptable to context.

Children create and share original artwork upon completion of e-learning courses through community gatherings or on digital platforms. End-of-program Art Melas (Village/Community gatherings) provide an opportunity for children to showcase their art to friends, family and the larger community.

With Pratham Education Foundation as our education partner for Voice For All, our theatre course was implemented in 950 villages across Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra reaching out to 50,000 children.

To find out more about our work:


HundrED Academy Review

What a perfect example of the power of the voice of a child. Her speech presents a universal longing that children have to break out of the expectations of formal schooling and her metaphors are poignant and applicable not just in India but in Indiana, Illinois and beyond.

- HundrED Academy Member

Excellent idea to make use of art,creativity, poetry, stories to express students' emotions and needs from the low & underprivileged communities. Many online resources including webinars support to scale it easily. Thumbs up!

- HundrED Academy Member
Slam Out Loud is a powerful innovation that highlights the importance of storytelling. By working with youth in disadvantage areas, SOL empowers them to explore their identities and share the stories as their source of power. Already impacting young people in 16 countries, they are continuously working to provide arts education for all.
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See this innovation in action

Art in the times of Covid-19
Hope from our children!
Featured Art from Slam Out Loud!
"Art can be in any form"
Jijivisha Poetry Class at SOL
The Voice Project - Slam Out Loud & DPS Gurgaon
Through the months of April to August, Slam Out Loud joined hands with Shiksha Kendra Gurgaon and Ayanagar to bring extraordinary learning through theatre. Four months and 120 sessions later, 375 children from grades 6 to 10 performed 40 original productions. Watch our artists in action here!
Student Leadership at SOL
Art Mela Pilot in Unnao, UP
Journey of a Jijivisha Fellow | Neha Saini
The Jijivisha Fellowship is our flagship program in which we work with professional artists to help children in low-income communities build confidence to dream bigger and create agency for their future. So far we have worked with 100 artists and 6500 children across India. Watch Neha, one of our fellows, speak about her journey.
Voice For All: Bringing the joy of arts to children in rural India
Watch our short documentary here!Slam Out Loud and Pratham have joined hands to bring the transformational power of the arts to children from rural areas across India for them to find and raise their voices. In April 2019, we launched our new program, Voice for All, which brings together e-learning and community platforms. In Voice for All, children create and share original artwork upon completion of tech-based courses that are interactive, accessible in regional languages, free of cost, and adaptable to context. Art Melas provide an opportunity to showcase this art as well as the children's learning. With Pratham as our distribution partner, our first theatre course has been launched in 950 villages across Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra reaching out to 50,000 children.


Achievements & Awards

November 2021
HundrED 2022
October 2021
Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia
November 2020
May 2020
2020 WISE Emerging Leader!
December 2019
Slam Out Loud won at Unleash+!
November 2019
Selected by HundrEd as one of the 100 inspiring education innovations globally!
July 2019
Slam Out Loud selected for Unleash+
May 2019
Till date, 15,000+ original artworks created by SOL children
April 2019
Voice for All program launch in 950 villages in India
July 2018
Out of 1700 applications, Slam Out Loud was one of ten organizations selected by N/core
October 2015
Selected by GIMX Mexico as one of the top 40 ideas globally, in Innovation in Education
May 2014
Listed by Impactpreneurs in top ten social enterprises that work on arts in education in India

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