HundrED Events

4 - 6 Nov 2020
HundrED Innovation Summit 2020
In 2020 we did something we've never done before, we brought together education changemakers from over 105 countries, virtually. The conference can be viewed here free and on-demand.
2 Sep 2020
Design For Change: Is COVID19 a Speed Breaker?
In a conversation with Andreas Schileicher from OECD along with Sonam Wangchuk and Kiran Bir Sethi from Design for Change, learn about Covid-19's impact on the education system.
31 Aug 2020
321's CAPE - Innovative learning solution for teachers & students during the pandemic
Gaurav Singh, Founder and CEO of 321 Education Foundation, will share how his team innovated a program to support teachers during the persistent lockdown by using principles of 'design thinking'.
28 Aug 2020
#ICANHELP shares how to become a Digital Leader!
#ICANHELP is celebrating Digital4Good and being a Digital First Responder. Learn more about Becoming a Digital Leader through this virtual meet!
26 Aug 2020
HundrED GLocal in Hong Kong- Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: The Future of Inquiry-based Learning
Explore the future of inquiry-based learning and STEAM education with global innovators in this unique x UNESCO collab!
21 Aug 2020
Webinar on 'Why Empathy is crucial in our post-COVID world'
Learn about the history, the scaling, and the research on the Roots of Empathy program which is operational in 14 countries, with Mary Gordon, Founder and President of Roots of Empathy.
20 Aug 2020
ARKKI: ArtBots and Architecture free Playinar with Arkki and Strawbees
ARTBOTS AND ARCHITECTURE Learn how to combine, art, architecture, and robotics while enhancing creative thinking skills.
19 Aug 2020
HundrED GLocal in Hong Kong- Open Up A Little: Creating Compassionate, Empathic Learning Environment
Learn from leading global innovators on creating compassionate, empathic learning environments in this unique x UNESCO collab!
6 Aug 2020
HundrED GLocal in Australia: Stories of COVID19 Reinventions
2020 has been the year of chaos & transformation. Hear from 3 Australian local and 3 global HundrEd innovations who have stories of reinvention from the #COVID19 era
5 Aug 2020
United World Schools Webinar: Every child counts - Inclusion in the age of COVID-19
We will be discussing how the global education sector has adapted to support children during school closures, and how we can ensure that every child returns to lessons when safe to do so.
30 Jul 2020
Webinar with OpenIDEO Challenge Winners - How to Pivot your Innovation due to COVID?
Join us to discuss the future of education with the innovators behind BroadClass & Include 2020 on how to develop solutions that ensure educational equity is no longer an afterthought!
30 Jul 2020
Green Hope Foundation: Women Impacting the World
The next inspiring woman speaking at their ‘Women Impacting The World’ Series, is HE Maria Fernanda Espinosa, President of the 73rd UN General Assembly and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc.
23 Jul 2020
Lessons for Education - Distance learning in São Paulo
There are 3.5 million students in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Join the webinar to hear an in-depth conversation about the experience of São Paulo schools during the crisis.
23 Jul 2020
Community-led Event: Changing roles of schools and school leaders and how can we prepare for this?
HundrED Innovator, Kiran Bir Sethi Founder, Design for Change & HundrED Ambassador, Sandeep Dutt - Founder, Learning Forward India Foundation share their expertise at Co-Lab's Kaleidoscope series.
15 Jul 2020
Youth Skills Day Twitter Chat + Spotlight Announcement!!
On this Youth Skills Day, we invite you for a HundrED Twitter Chat in partnership with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to discuss innovations focused on cultivating 21st-century skills!
9 - 12 Mar 2020
The Most Inspiring Education Innovations for 2020
Finnish non-profit HundrED selects 100 inspiring education innovations annually. In this session you will hear their freshest picks for 2020. Come and learn how to implement innovations in the classro
9 - 11 Mar 2020
HundrED at the LEGO Idea Conference
Making creativity happen: How can we cultivate creative skills for all children? On 9-11 March 2020, the LEGO Foundation will gather 350-400 practitioners, innovators, policymakers and researchers to
13 Feb 2020
HundrED GLocal in Atlanta: Inspiring Students To Direct Their Own Learning
Hundred, Transcend, and The Forest School’s Institute for Self-Directed Learning are thrilled to host an event along with HundrED Ambassador, Tyler Thigpen, to discuss these and other important questi
11 - 12 Dec 2019
Spotlight on Employability Summit
Spotlight on Employability Summit on December 11th -12th in Taipei is now open for registration! HundrED and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation are ready to showcase the selected Chinese sp
6 - 8 Nov 2019
HundrED Innovation Summit 2019
The HundrED Summit brought together the world's most inspiring innovators in education. Across the three days, over 200 education innovators shared their expertise and experience through keynotes, wor
4 - 8 Nov 2019
Helsinki Education Week
Helsinki Education Week offers content to learners of all ages and to everybody interested in learning and the development of learning. In addition to international education experts, the target group
30 Oct 2019
Campus Seminar Zürich 2019
At the Campus Seminar in Zurich, the ten most convincing, emerging good practices in school digital transformation, selected by an expert jury, will be announced and receive grants summing up to CHF 1
31 Jul 2019
HundrED GLocal in Ahmedabad: Integrating Holistic Wellbeing in Schools
Many organizations and individuals have been developing and practicing innovative tools and techniques for holistic wellbeing that are easy to integrate with the curriculum and benefit both teachers a
1 - 3 Jul 2019
International Meeting For Schools
Sharing inspiration for a global education change. Meet our Executive Director Lasse Leponiemi and our community to connect schools, students and teachers to raise the standards of education.
15 Jun 2019
HundrED Innovation Village at the Cambridgeshire Festival of Education 2019
Attend the Cambridgeshire Festival of Education 2019 to meet nearly a dozen of our 2019 innovations and Ambassadors at the HundrED Innovation Village.
16 May 2019
HundrED GLocal in Helsinki: You Can’t Build Empathy Sitting Down
Join us on Thursday, the 16th of May at this HundrED GLocal to discuss how we can make learning more hands-on and use education as a force to unite people and build connections.
14 Mar 2019
TeachMeet by HundrED: Innovation and Inclusion through Technology
This TeachMeet is an opportunity for teachers to share the ways in which technology is changing their classrooms, and to learn about innovative ideas from suppliers and developers wanting to support t
12 - 13 Mar 2019
BETT Asia 2018
Bett Asia is the region’s leading education conference and expo that will gather the region’s most senior education leaders, educators and innovators to celebrate the future of education. Elizabeth
29 Jan 2019
HundrED GLocal in London: Voices & Choices
We’ve chosen the theme of ‘Voices & Choices’ for our very first HundrED GLocal event in London. Too often in the field of education, practitioners and young people feel their choices are limited and t
24 Jan 2019
HundrED Workshop at the Consortium for Public Education
At this hands-on workshop, and information session, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the Spotlight and create or improve your submission.
24 - 25 Jan 2019
The World’s Event For Learning IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT LEARNING: THE CATALYST FOR THE EDUCATION REVOLUTION Join The HundrED Community on 25th January 8:30 am to 9:10 am for a Panel of Impactful & Sc
22 Jan 2019
HundrED Workshop at Avonworth High School
Join the HundrED Spotlight Team for an in-person, hands-on support session to make your best possible pitch to HundrED.
18 Jan 2019
HundrED Workshop at Intermediate Unit 1
Join the HundrED Spotlight Team for an in-person, hands-on support session to make your best possible pitch to HundrED.
15 Jan 2019
HundrED Workshop at Burgettstown School District
Join the HundrED Spotlight Team for an in-person, hands-on support session to make your best possible pitch to HundrED.
7 - 9 Nov 2018
HundrED Innovation Summit 2018
The second annual HundrED Innovation Summit was organised in Helsinki in 2018 to launch the HundrED's Global Innovation Collection 2019! This invite-only event brought together inspiring education inn
1 - 3 Nov 2018
HundrED Spotlight on Sustainability
HundrED Spotlight on Sustainability highlights the innovative practices happening in education that addresses the important issue of sustainability. A free event, you can catch esteemed speakers like
5 - 9 Oct 2018
2018 GHF Awards Ceremony
GHF creating the most representative innovative co-collaborating public service platform, with emphasis on global cooperation; diversified interactions; nurturing Taiwan’s promising talents with compr
3 Oct - 3 Aug 2018
EduChange 2018
The social event of Educhange Fest highlights the 10 leading education innovations in the state of Victoria for the first global HundrED Spotlight. Supported by our friends at Atlassian.
30 Aug - 2 Sep 2018
Moscow Global Forum
The 2nd City for Education Moscow Global Forum will take place from August 30th – September 2nd, 2018. Catch HundrED CEO, Saku Tuominen, as a keynote speaker at the forum on 31st August 2018.
22 Aug 2018
EuroCALL 2018
EuroCALL 2018 is about the future, sustainability, complexity in different environments for language learning. The conference is organized by the University of Jyväskylä Language Campus which is a
24 - 27 Jun 2018
ISTE 2018
ISTE 2018 is the place where educator-tested strategies come together with proven resources for transforming learning and teaching. It’s also the place to get connected to the brightest minds in edtec
21 Jun 2018
Researching for Social Justice and Educational Improvement
Researching for Social Justice and Educational Improvement: Aimed at researchers, doctoral students, teacher educators and school teachers, this conference seeks to provide a showcase for relevant res
9 Jun 2018
Cambridgeshire Festival of Education
Cambridgeshire Festival of Education is an optimistic celebration for teachers. Join the #flamingosofhope on Saturday 9th June 2018 exploring themes such as Being Human, Hopeful Leadership, Creativity
4 - 6 Jun 2018
Global Change Leaders
The Global Change Leaders (GCL) is an international community who are creating learning ecosystems – at city, region and country level – that empower every young person to contribute to a better world
20 - 23 May 2018
Citizens of the future
The conference will convene a global community of education innovators, funders, policymakers, and practitioners to explore the promise of leapfrogging in education. HundrED founder Saku Tuominen and
18 - 21 Apr 2018
Steamconf Barcelona 2018
STEAMConf 2018, in its fourth edition, aims to demonstrate the vital importance of implementing programmes and resources that help minimize the digital gap and gender imbalances, and promote equal opp
9 - 11 Apr 2018
Lego Idea Conference 2018
Over the past three years, the LEGO Foundation has transformed the LEGO® Idea Conference into a recognised global platform where participant from around the world come to debate, share insights, inspi
27 - 29 Mar 2018
FuturED 2018
FuturED covers 10 major topics relating to the development of intelligent cities which span from early childhood education to K12 education, from youth entrepreneurship to social innovation. HundrED H
5 - 8 Mar 2018
The SXSW EDU Conference & Festival cultivates and empowers a community of engaged stakeholders to advance teaching and learning. Saku Tuominen, the founder of HundrED is having a keynote at the event
18 - 20 Dec 2017
NY EdTech Week
NY EdTech Week has topics ranging from disruptions in Pre-K programs to innovations in higher education and career skills. HundrED Research Lead Jessica Spencer-Keyse will be hosting Open Lab session
1 Dec 2017
Finnish schools are full of miracles
Amazing things are happening in Finnish schools every day. Come to hear when Finnish HundrED innovators share their stories and network together. The event is held in Finnish.
28 Nov 2017
Signals 2017
Today, all the states striving for improvement need to be modern, dynamic and open to the future. Signals 2017 is looking into improvement in the different areas of society in Lithuania. Saku Tuominen
15 - 16 Nov 2017
Bett Asia 2017
Bett Asia will bring together the region’s education community to discuss the transformation of education and to discover the innovation that will inspire change. Lasse Leponiemi, HundrED Head of Oper
14 - 16 Nov 2017
WISE Summit 2017
The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is offering the global education community a unique opportunity to meet, share experiences, build new partnerships and identify concrete innovative pra
31 Oct - 1 Nov 2017
EdTechX Asia 2017
EdTechXAsia is a thought leadership platform created to drive conversations and solutions that are transforming the education and lifelong learning needs of Asia in the 21st century. Attend HundrED se
18 - 19 Oct 2017
Bett Latin America 2017
Over 2000 influential education leaders and educators across the region will attend the 5th Bett Latin America to discuss the latest trends, challenges and advancements in education, with a distinct
4 - 6 Oct 2017
HundrED Innovation Summit 2017
The first HundrED Innovation Summit was organized in 2017. At the summit we celebrated the first HundrED Global Collection and all 100 selected Finnish education solution and practices to highlight th
4 - 6 Oct 2017
HundrED Innovation Summit
HundrED selects 100 inspiring innovations in K12 education from around the world annually. Our first collection of 100 innovations will be released on the 4th of October in Helsinki.
29 - 30 Sep 2017
ChangeNow Summit 2017
ChangeNOW is an international summit for change which gathers the pioneers and entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to change the world. Saku Tuominen, the CEO of HundrED, is showcasing the most
26 - 27 Sep 2017
#EdCrunch 2017
#EdCrunch conference is one of the largest in Europe in the field of new educational technologies in preschool, K-12, higher and vocational education. The conference unites the leading Russian and for
25 - 29 Sep 2017
EduChange 2017
EduChange is an inspiring, engaging and world-class week long education festival in Melbourne. Lasse Leponiemi, the COO of HundrED, is sharing examples of the most inspiring innovations from the diffe
21 Sep 2017
Designing Future Education
Lasse Leponiemi, the COO of HundrED, is elaborating 100 most inspiring education innovations and practices from Finland. This unique seminar is part of Finland's centenary celebrations and it will del
19 - 22 Jun 2017
PBL World 2017
PBL World is one the leading project based learning conferences in the world. Over 1000 educators are gathering together to learn more and share their practices. Lasse Leponiemi, the COO of HundrED, i
8 - 10 May 2017
ASU+GSV Summit 2017
The ASU + GSV Summit is an annual conference for everyone who matters in the learning and talent innovation community. Saku Tuominen, the CEO of HundrED, is speaking about scaling innovations in K12 e
25 - 26 Apr 2017
Bett Middle East 2017
Bett Middle East will once again bring together the region’s education community to discuss the transformation of education and to discover the innovation that will inspire change. Kate Robinson, the
27 - 30 Mar 2017
Shaping the Future 4
Shaping the Future is a biennial education technology conference that offers a look into the future trends that will shape education. Theme in 2017 is "from schooling to learning". Lasse Leponiemi fro
25 - 27 Jan 2017
Bett Show 2017
Bett London is one of the biggest education events in the world. Their mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfill their potential