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UBICUA is a continuous learning digital platform for teachers whose purpose is to improve student learnings by strengthening STEAM skills of teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean. It's AI & Data
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth where pupils learn general innovation skills through architecture. Our mission is to equip and nurture the new generation with a creative
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Kids Can! Innovation Camp
Kids Can! Innovation Camp provides students with the opportunity to lead their own learning as they tackle real-world problems aligned to UN SDGs through interdisciplinary project-based learning chall
Kids Technoparks
In technoparks pupils work with technology equipment, develop practical engineering and design skills. Teachers: highly qualified teachers of specialized universities and employees of leading enterpri
INNVITA: educational innovation laboratory to create or experiment new pedagogical practices. INNKITs, games (Board and cards) to create educational projects (Sustainable Development Goals as a game
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
The Metis Fellowship
We find local innovators with ideas to reimagine teaching and learning. Through the Fellowship, we connect them to the tools, resources, mentors, and community they need to make those ideas come to li
Ribbon FINLAND 100
High School Flow
Hobbies, part-time work and studies all take time in young people’s busy schedules. High School Flow provides exercises that help students improve their focusing and thinking skills during the school
Mi colegio en la nube
Desde el año 2010 inicie el diseño de un portal educativo que facilitara la labor de los docentes y que a la vez motivara el autoaprendizaje en los estudiantes de mi comunidad educativa, aprovechando