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Comprehensively is a web-based educational application to promote deeper reading of texts for students. Comprehensively guides students through key passages of novels, poems and plays to help them und
Podcast "Las Primeras Letras"
The first letters (Las Primeras Letras, in Spanish) is a creative writing podcast where 1 teacher and 7 students, ages 9 to 14, talk about language and literature, explore new words and share original
We developed a reading method and a webapp which combine reading and social networking, a place where students can read, comment, share and learn together. The teacher chooses a book, sets a reading c
Mindful Reading Comprehension Techniques
Reading comprehension can be challenging for kids with learning and attention issues. Kids need to master many key skills to fully understand any text. Applying Mindfulness Techniques right at the ti
Children going to English medium schools in India are expected to learn, read and speak in English, a language that is aspirational yet alien to them and their surroundings. We solve the problem b