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Contemporary Art + Education

Nube Lab

At Nube artists work together with schools in curricular educational programs, as well as in different programs that amplify our influence on education, culture and art. We develop resources to enhance a transformative educational experience based on contemporary art, offering concrete solutions to develop sustainable, interdisciplinary and contexted-based educational.

About us!

“The pillars on which our daily practice is based is the figure of the artist-teacher, the context as resource, and the pedagogical design based on creative processes.”

Nube was born in 2012 in Chile with the aim of bringing Contemporary Art to Education.

Inspired at the artist's workshop, we have designed a pedagogical model that develops and enhances essential creative skills to face the new challenges raised by contemporary societies.

Our method is based on a network of artists who understand the educational work as an extension of their artistic expression, and the experimental dynamics of the workshop, as vehicles for creative work. Through collaborative creation strategies, artists-professors, designers and researchers carry out activities based on simple and easily accessible materials.


We seek to broaden the idea of ​​sustainability towards an ethic of everyday transformation, defining as resources both environmental inputs and teamwork. At Nube we are convinced that creativity is the renewable resource of the future and that it must be empowered to develop meaningful learning.


Nube Escuela encompasses all the lines of action geared to direct engagement with educational communities, mostly students and teachers:


Nube carries out a program of artistic activities for fifth-graders at four schools in Las Condes; the program is a curricular art class. Every week, students and their teachers come to our studio to work on exercises that enable them to deploy their creative resources and bodily energy for a meaningful learning activity. The annual programming is geared to a number of different intersecting aims: the issues that each of the artists that works at Nube faces in his or her own studio; the use of recycled, low-cost, and readily available materials that form part of our daily environment; and the curricular requirements of the Department of Education (its learning objectives).


The artist’s studio has, historically, been the place where creative processes are forged, a place where joint work and permanent experimentation allow new things to happen every day. Since 2019, the Nube studio has been preparing encounters with students in other grades (that is, those that do not participate in the annual program) as part of the “Pedagogical Scouting” program. An invitation to develop the curiosity part and parcel of an artist’s studio surrounded by nature.


The Artist-Teacher School seeks to leave installed capacities  in teachers that allow them to enhance socio-emotional skills and Indicators of Personal and Social Development in students. In a two-year certification program, teachers will develop contemporary artist-inspired skills, acquire tools for designing interdisciplinary activities, and become part of a collaborative network of artists and teachers. At the end of the program they will be able to contribute in their educational communities to the decompartmentation of pedagogical work and to the integral development of their students through artistic education.  Over time, teachers will have access to the printed and digital resources produced by Nube editions and receive support that will allow them to enrich their educational practice through art.


At Nube we believe that education through art has no limits. So we have designed programs that seek to reach all people. 

Nube Va is a nomadic program that creates interactive installations for different places such as festivals, museums, public or private institutions. 

Nube Plaza is a program to design, together with children, artists and architects, sculpture-games for the public space. 

Nube editions and Nube TV seek to reach remote communities by generating online and print resources.

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