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The B!G Idea

Because one B!G Idea can change our world!

The B!G Idea is a creative thinking initiative that teaches the world’s most in demand skills to 15 to 19 year olds. Using creative thinking skills and activating their voices, students develop solutions to issues they identify as major stressors in their lives, with the help of hundreds of industry professional mentors, who help bridge the gap between education, industry and society.

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September 2023
The B!G Idea is so much more than a creative educational initiative - it is showing our young people how to think differently - how to think B!G! Creative thinking is a core skill and it can be taught. Our young people are inheriting a world of problems. The B!G Idea gives them a growth mindset so they're prepared with the right future skills, as well as skills for the lives they live right now.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The B!G Idea was developed by award winning creativity and curriculum experts with decades of experience, to change how we educate our young people so they can access their creative minds without any cost barrier, feel empowered to problem solve in their own lives and learn the most in-demand skills in the world - creative thinking skills.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our free programmes and workshops are delivered across 22 counties of Ireland to teach creativity, identified by the World Economic Forum's Future of Work as the top global skill.
After this programme, 98% of students told us they would feel confident to approach a challenge and find a solution with their creative thinking skills. Our inclusive programme is for all learning abilities and has connected 700+ industry professionals from 256 companies with 6,500+ students since 2021. We currently deliver the programmes to Transition Year, Leaving Cert Applied and Northern Ireland, as well as Youthreach and Community Training Centres for early school leavers. The cross-curricular nature of this unique programme allows for all learning abilities to gain skills, interact with industry leaders, connect learning from other subjects and gain confidence in tackling the biggest challenges in the world.

How has it been spreading?

The programmes are accredited with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in Ireland since year one. We have won national and global awards and have secured an EU KA2 education project partnership with four other partners across Europe. We have grown from 500 students in 2021 to 4,000 this year and a waiting list of 10,000+ places. We have successfully bridged the gap between industry and education, developing our own IP in a bespoke digital platform. We are trialling a student/learner accelerator for the top team projects this year. Already, students and learners have developed hundreds of creative solutions for society.
Our Northern Ireland trial has given us a foothold in the UK and our goal now is to reach as many young people with this transformative programme as we can.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Teachers, mentors and programme partners from industry can all join the creative thinking community at thebigidea.ie, while those from outside Ireland who want their students to learn the most in-demand skill in the world can email us at hello@thebigidea.ie.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews
The B!g Idea prepares youngsters for the world of work by teaching key 21st-century skills. This can have a significant impact in my country as we are facing a crisis where new graduates are not taught appropriate real-world skills.
Every country has professions ready to share their skills. Our students, when presented with real world problems and guided through problem solving methods, will relish and learn from the challenges presented.
- Academy member
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