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Snapplify for Education
Snapplify’s Engage platform is an e-learning platform built by education and technology experts. Engage empowers schools to easily manage the annual process of purchasing e-textbooks digitally, to r
Snapplify Free Access
Digital tools are an essential support mechanism to break down barriers to access around education. Snapplify’s Free Access programme brings together partners from across the education industry, and p
We collect gently used laptops from corporations and institutions then wipe and load them with an operating system, software and a wealth of interactive educational content. We offer an offline soluti
Impulse Neiry
Impulse Neiry is a bundle of hardware and software - virtual reality headset with built-in brain-computer interface, VR-games for education and application to track students progress. Our in-house BCI
Help our Heroes ~ Empowering teachers to integrate technology
If we want to see innovation in schools, we must get teachers to innovate with tech. Teachers may know how to use technology privately or for admin, but may not know how to integrate it into subject t
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Paths to Math
Paths to Math is an electronic learning path for math that provides ready-to-use learning materials and a lesson plan for ages 11-16. Students' mathematical thinking skills improve and the attitudes t
Rescuebusters brand includes 3 different products: Rescuebusters Fire&Safety mobilegame , Rescuebusters Edu - Portal and Rescuebusters EduCycle AR - environmentalgame. Rescuebusters is an idea of a Fi
Unio By Harness
Educators use Unio to support their students in becoming active participants in their learning, providing a personalised learning experience for each individual. It is a web app that enables teachers
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Language, communication & technology
The innovation includes useful tips for teaching languages, with a special emphasis on language education aimed at strengthening students' ability to work in different language environments.
Expii Inc.
Expii is an online learning platform that lets students choose how to learn high school level math and science by providing multiple learning styles. Expii’s practice problem algorithm provides studen
Research & Educational Center (REC)
The Research & Educational Center (REC) has been helping children to love science and make it the part of their lives since 2003. What is science? Science is an interest. Science is a fascinating subj
PUEDOnline sparks learners’ passions and growing sense of purpose by teaching essential 21st century skills. As the PUEDOnline Director, I design and implement an original, innovative 21st Century cur