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Teaching the concept of an algorithm in an unplugged way.

Hello Ruby

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Hello Ruby teaches programming in fun, creative ways by providing tools for children, parents and educators. The concept originally began as a successful children’s book that has now been published in over 22 languages. Hello Ruby has the ability of making STEAM education more approachable, colourful and versatile.
Linda Liukas
To prepare kids for the future, it’s important to give them a robust understanding of what a computer is good at and what a human is good at.

Linda Liukas


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Updated on May 10th, 2021
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What is Hello Ruby?

Step into a whimsical wonderland of computer science through 33 videos that blend arts and science. The self-paced videos are aimed for 5-9 year olds, followed by an activity the kids can complete at home. Topics include code, hardware, networks, AI and other interesting ideas.

Have you ever wondered what travels inside the wires of your computer? Or why computer parts look like a tiny city? Or what really is an algorithm? These one minute videos explore big ideas of computer science through play!

The 1 minute videos with Linda explaining the concept, followed by an activity (“Now you do it”). Shot in a quirky, colorful style of Wes Anderson meets Sesame Street, these videos can be used by teachers and parents alike to start a discussion and create an offline experience. The tasks have been tested by thousands of teachers.

The current global situation has proven that the education system needs an improvement towards remote teaching, an increased focus on technology, and a deeper commitment to making computer science approachable for children. 

Linda's work empowering both children and young women in computer science all around the world, has given her unique, globally appealing perspective on how to celebrate the power of technology, imagination and storytelling.  

The materials, guides and journal are available at and


HundrED Academy Review

This is by far the most attractive packaging of coding/algorithmic learning that I have come across. Its origin in the children's book provides a strong narrative that allows the product to be carried across to many different contexts.

- HundrED Academy Member

Hello Ruby provides a low tech solution for areas that have low connectivity, making it very scalable. Hello Ruby has expanded rapidly across the globe and excels at the crossroads of tech and creativity.

- HundrED Academy Member
To prepare children for a more digital future, it’s important to give them a fundamental understanding of computer science concepts. Innovative and scalable solution to learning in an unplugged way.
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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Set out the paper on the floor and distribute one piece of paper per student. Do not give out pencils just yet.
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Getting started (5 minutes)
Start by talking with students about algorithms. Ask the students, who knows what an algorithm is?
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Writing your own art algorithm (15 minutes)
Explain to students they are now the computer. Each one will create their own algorithm.
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Activity (15 minutes)
Ask kids to pick their tools (pens/pencils and their algorithm) and sit evenly around a paper. Tell them you are the programmer and the kids are the computer.
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Wrap-up (10 minutes)
Once the paper is full, have the kids observe the creation.
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Ask students to draw two images:
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