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Finland 100

We have selected one hundred educational innovations from Finland in 2016-2017. The Finland 100 project is an official part of a celebration programme for Finland’s centenary of independence in 2017.
SUPPORTED BY DNA, Op, Supercell, Teknologiateollisuuden 100-vuotissäätiö

Selected innovations

Mehackit provides robotics and programming courses for lower and upper secondary education. During the courses, students build technology projects and learn the basics...
Arts, Coding, Creative learning, Creative technology, Edtech, Edtech, PBL, Programming, Robotics, Sonic Pi, Technology education
The Ippo unit is built on sessions about different strengths. These sessions can be part of lessons in any subject. This unit helps students recognize their own streng...
communication, learning environment, learning methods, Learning skills, motivation, self evaluation, skills, strengths
Comprehensive co-teaching
Comprehensive co-teaching is a modern way for teachers to pool their strengths and skills, and plan, carry out and evaluate instruction and learning of two classes at ...
Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Collaborative Learning, co-teaching, Evaluation, Learning to learn, Lesson Planning, Multidisciplinary, School Culture, self-regulation, Teacher Development, Teachers
Money Flow Challenge
Money Flow Challenge allows young people to learn about key issues in managing personal finances, from planning income and expenses to investment and loans, all throug...
financial planning, gamification, household, mobile application, personal finances, spending
Sail For Good
School on a sailboat is a flexible model of individual learning and promotes phenomenon-based learning in varied environments. In the case study presented, a child fin...
digitalization, distance learning, Global Classroom, homeschooling, Individual learning, learning environment, multidisciplinary learning, phenomenon-based learning, Sail for Good
A Model for Sex Education
This innovation provides teachers the tools to build sex education that answers students' questions. The model lets the students participate creatively and helps them ...
diversity, Equity, gender identity, health, health education, participation, Sex education, sexuality, sexual orientation, wellbeing
Student Agents
Student Agents equips young people to share their ICT skills with their whole school community, supporting and training teachers and students alike. This comprehensive...
digitalization, engagement, Influencing, new teacherhood, participation, technology
The conflict resolution simulation
Conflicts can be resolved by teaching negotiation skills to young people. The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an organisation founded by President and Peace Nobe...
Conflict resolution, Crisis Management Initiative, negotiation skills, role play, simulation
Icehearts is a program for preventative child support services through team sports. It offers child-oriented, comprehensive and long term support for studying especial...
after school activities, comprehensive support, Early intervention, family work, preventing social marginalization, school and home collaboration, school dropouts, team sports, wellbeing
In this innovation older and younger students gather together for study groups that are part of their school work. The older students plan the study group with the hel...
Language learning, Learning by teaching, Peer learning
Youth Work at Schools
This plan of action will bring school and youth services closer together. The aim is to foster a sense of community, enable participation, and facilitate early interve...
action-based learning, community, cooperation across fields, intervention, participation, school cooperation, school satisfaction, student body, Youth work at schools
Collaboration between different aged learners
This project takes advantage of a wide range of pedagogy to promote collaborative learning. Students are given opportunities to participate in planning and carrying ou...
Cooperative learning, learners of all ages, learning unit, multidisciplinary, phenomenon based learning