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Finland 100

We have selected one hundred educational innovations from Finland in 2016-2017. The Finland 100 project is an official part of a celebration programme for Finland’s centenary of independence in 2017.
SUPPORTED BY DNA, Op, Supercell, Teknologiateollisuuden 100-vuotissäätiö

Selected innovations

Run, jump, learn!
Learning by doing is an effective way of generating in-depth understanding of a subject. Run, jump, learn! provides easy ways to incorporate physical activities into t...
active-based learning learning by doing, active learning, active school, Activity, comprehensiveness
The Child-Oriented Model for Wellbeing
The child-oriented model for wellbeing improves students’ behavior and communication education with support in three stages. Students are given support that focuses on...
bullying, child-orientation, communication skills, developing pedagogy, emotional skills, general support, home and school partnership, inclusive instruction, intensified support, solution-oriented school practices, special support, three-stage support, wellbeing
School Culture of Team Learning
Team learning is a profound learning approach that also changes the school's operating culture; both the student and the teacher have their own independent role as a c...
co-operation skills, democratic schools, individual learning paths, participation, strength pedagogy, Teamwork
From High School to University
A model for creating personalized learning paths from high school to university using virtual reality.
Distance Learning, High School, Learning to Learn, Open University, Personalized Learning, Personalized Learning Paths, Recognition of Skills, University Studies, Virtual Reality, Virtual Teaching
Student Agents
Student Agents equips young people to share their ICT skills with their whole school community, supporting and training teachers and students alike. This comprehensive...
digitalization, engagement, Influencing, new teacherhood, participation, technology
Mutku Maker Space
The innovation transforms a school space into an environment that supports creative thinking and brainstorming. The space plays a part in design education, as well. Mu...
creativity, Design education, design thinking, learning environment, maker culture, problem-solving
Be Active
Sports is a great way to bring students together. This package includes examples on how sports has been used to promote integration in two culturally diverse schools.
Diversity, inclusion, Integration, Sports, Well Being
The ViLLE eLearning path makes it possible to enhance and differentiate teaching. It introduces gamified, automatically assessed and motivating tasks into math, progra...
Digitalization, Elementary school, Evaluation, Gamification, High school, Junior high school, Languages, Learning path, Mathematics, Mother tongue and literature, Online platform, Personalized learning, Programming
Mehackit provides robotics and programming courses for lower and upper secondary education. During the courses, students build technology projects and learn the basics...
Arts, Coding, Creative learning, Creative technology, Edtech, Edtech, PBL, Programming, Robotics, Sonic Pi, Technology education
Learning from Animals
The innovation teaches children self-sufficiency and life skills through animal care. Animals are integral in the school community – both in and out of the classroom. ...
Active citizenship, Animals, Biology, Caring, Cooperation, Environmental studies, Geography, Health education, Ownership of learning, Preventing social exclusion, Self-sufficiency and life skills
From Cafeteria to Restaurant
Nutrition has a big effect on learning. In addition to well-being and health, school lunches develop students’ understanding about the food culture surrounding them. S...
Food culture, Home and school partnership, Participation, School culture, School lunch, School restaurant, Well Being
Internet of Things
This multidisciplinary programming unit is a model that allows programming to be applied to various different subjects. At the same time, students will have a chance t...
3D, Arts, Biology, Crafts, Functional items, Geography, Learning by doing, Mathematics, Multidisciplinary