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A project-based course for turning your passion into reality


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In this innovation, students carry out independent projects on something they are passionate about. Students invent new things and their creative process is supported by the course, outside partners and various student networks. The course is integrated into the high school’s curriculum.
In two years we have grown from a small course to an international community involving many schools – all with the power of students. We cannot wait what will happen next.

Jamin Hu, founder


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Updated on May 17th, 2022
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What is it all about?

Digitalization, robotics and automation will replace many of of today’s jobs either partly or completely. Mechanic repetition, learning things by heart or following certain formulas no longer play a significant role in the labor market. Employees must be able to take risks, network and be creative – whatever the field.

The natural creativity of humans and their ability to throw themselves into anything is becoming increasingly more important. This is why it’s even more important to encourage children to trust their unique skills and find answers to questions that don’t necessarily have ready answers yet.

Today’s schools should answer these challenges by offering students opportunities to express themselves and maintain their creativity during the school day. Students should be encouraged to try new things, such as imagine a job that doesn’t exist yet and discuss the significance of this type of thinking.

Hautomo is an independent course for high schools or other upper secondary education institutions organized by both the assigned coordinating teacher and the students themselves. The Hautomo organization behind the course is run by young people and provides students not only general instructions for the projects but also support networks so they don’t have to worry about the money or their grades. 

Hautomo brings young people together by helping them to network and find like-minded people to create something out of their passions together. Former participants act as mentors to help prevent typical mistakes and provide support during the project.

Hautomo’s aim is to strengthen kids’ trust in their own skills and test their wings in something they are passionate about. The Hautomo course gives students concrete evidence of their own skills, which can be of help in finding jobs in the future or applying to further education.

The first Hautomo course in a school began at the Etelä-Tapiola High School in the spring of 2015. During the 2015–2016 school year the students ran several projects.

At the moment Hautomo is active in four schools in Finland and the U.S. The Hautomo organization works closely with the schools but the schools still provide the course independently and can tailor the course to suit their purposes.

This innovation describes the steps needed to organize a Hautomo course at a school and the opportunities the course provides students for exploring their passion through a project. You can also find contact information for ordering the course and course material. Students can also follow the steps to carry out a project independently. A teacher interested in Hautomo can show the steps to their students and encourage them to implement the innovation at their school. 


HundrED Academy Review


The student-led project course combines taking responsibility of one’s studies to 21st century workplace skills.


Nurturing students’ creativity and passion in high school builds a positive school spirit and improves professional self-knowledge.


With small adaptations, the course can be implemented in many kinds of education systems with different kinds of resources.


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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

What is Hautomo?
Find out more about the Hautomo organization on their website:
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Assessing interest
Find out if there are students in your school who are interested in a Hautomo course.
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Assembling a team to organize the course
Look for a group of 2–5 students at your school to organize the Hautomo activities. The organizers should have some kind of experience with project work.
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Integrating the course in the school curriculum
Present Hautomo to your school principal and get their approval. The principal will include the course in the school curriculum. The school can then offer the course for students to include in their studies.
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Contact Hautomo
Contact the Hautomo team once you determine your school’s interest in Hautomo or if you want more information about starting the course.
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Promoting the course
Promote the course extensively already before it starts.
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