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A turnkey solution for schools to expand teaching digital skills, coding, robotics and AI.

Teachease is a solution to upskills teachers for teaching digital skills to K-12 students. Teachease combines teaching materials, teacher training and on-going support for teachers. It creates a learning path for students optimized to available time and resources, and helps teachers to overcome the fear and practical challenges of teaching coding and technology.

HundrED 2023


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October 2022
At first my teachers got scared at the thought of teaching coding. The online clinics and virtual classes by Finnish instructors did the trick and helped to gain confidence.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our mission is to help teachers and schools to teach digital skills to prepare students for the future. The current digital skills education level and resources vary a lot between schools, districts and countries. Teachease was created to provide a TAILORED solution that matches exactly the current status, resources and goals of participating schools and provides human support to teachers.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Teachease combines Finnish pedagogical excellence, teaching materials, teacher training and teacher support for digital skills according to any school’s needs. It provides a digital skills program with a set of lesson plans, hands-on activities and cross-curricular projects for coding, robotics and AI.

Teachease contains:
1. Tailored teaching plan for digital skills
2. Teaching and learning materials
3. Teacher training and continuous support
4. Teacher certifications and badges

The teaching plan is tailored to each school's current resource situation and their goals to develop digital skills education. Each year, 1-3 new Code School Finland courses are rolled out to the school, starting with teacher training and course walk-through that takes place combining instructor-led online sessions with self-studies on Code School Finland LMS. Teachers then take on to teaching the course and receive full support by Code School Finland online and remotely to make sure they succeed well.

How has it been spreading?

A variety of schools in Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico are using Teachease to upskill their teachers and to provide coding, robotics and AI courses to students. The schools range from public state schools with limited resources to high-end international private schools. Some of them follow the national curricula, some international curricula such as Cambridge A levels or IB MYP. Some of them may have a challenge with basics such as electricity and network connectivity, some of them have state-of-the-art robotics equipment at their disposal. Teachease suits all as the contents of the Teachease service depend on the school's resources and goals. We are aiming to involve 100 more schools during 2022.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

First step is to fill in a Gap analysis. It is a free tool that maps the school's current state of digital skills education against their goals. Gap analysis helps to see where your development areas are. Results can be used for planning development actions and deciding the service level of Teachease.

Access the Gap analysis from bottom of this page or direcly on https://teachease.codeschool.fi/

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews
This innovation can easily be adapted by teachers all over the world as it offers resources, lesson plans, and technology teaching activities.
This innovation has impacted 150, 000 students, so has had a large impact. By providing a personalised programme to teach digital skills, and teacher training, this innovation impacts both teachers and students.
- Academy member
Academy review results
High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
Low Impact
Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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Implementation steps

Use the Gap analysis

Gap analysis is a free tool that maps your digital skills education against your goals. It helps you to see where your development areas are. You can use the analysis results independently for your own planning or to subscribe to the Teachease service.

Access free Gap analysis here

Read more about Teachease here

Spread of the innovation

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