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An innovative teaching methodology through which children exercise verbal, visual, gestural and auditory communication.

Creating Together By Kids to Kids

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Creating Together by By Kids to Kids is an innovative teaching methodology through which children exercise verbal, visual, gestural and auditory languages. Creating Together contributes to important areas of a child’s development through stories which are brought to life through animated films and books. The methodology is easily implemented in any environment anywhere in the world.
Andreas Schleicher - OECD - Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills
By Kids to Kids has shown me how its organization places the students in the center of the the design of teaching environment.

Andreas Schleicher - OECD - Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills


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HundrED 2021

21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Updated on July 15th, 2022
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Creating Together

By Kids to Kids was born with the objective of enhancing the classroom experience by turning children´s stories and drawings into animated films. It very quickly turned into a valuable teaching and learning tool. With the support of psychologists, pedagogues, educators and teachers, By Kids to Kids developed a methodology that can be applied anywhere in the world, and with children of different age groups and backgrounds.

Creating Together is part of the By Kids to Kids platform and is designed to be simple and easily implemented. Through it, the children create stories, draw the characters and other elements of the story and narrate the stories. All these elements are then sent to By Kids to Kids that then produces animated film true to the children´s stories and using their drawings and narrations. The animated film then becomes a printed book.

These animated films and books are enjoyed by the students and other children across the world through our Encyclokids Platform, a digital video library.

While the children have fun creating stories, drawing characters and narrating, they develop skills they need to become more creative, collaborative and independent individuals.

Under the STEPS section below in this page you can find out more about the various benefits of the methodology as well as watch some of the hundreds of animations already produced.

Children and teachers enjoy the experience in different ways and for different reasons.

The children learn through play. Children like stories and drawing. And when they see these come to life through animations and books they are overcome with a sense of pride. They have together created something they can enjoy together, but that can and also will be seen by children across the globe and contribute to their lives.

The teachers will have a unique tool that will contribute to promoting a different learning experience to their students. Creating Together will help them enhance various skills their students need in and outside the classroom. These include social skills, but also reading and writing.

Creating Together is implemented at the teacher´s and the student´s own tempo. Some schools go through all the steps in 2 weeks, others may wish to take longer. The stories are also decided by the teacher. The stories can be based on a subject taught in class (thus contributing to the retention of the subject), they can be based on a topic of the daily life of the students (like friendship, bullying, manners, family or a new kid in school) or simply based on pure imagination.

By Kids to Kids / Creating Together works today with over 8.000 children in Brazil and has expanded to Denmark and soon scheduled to start in Sweden. Our goal is to be in five more countries by the end of 2021. Our representatives are ready to present our programs and aid teachers in the implementation.

Our headquarters are based in Brazil, where all the animated films are produced, independent of the language. We have today a representative in Europe, based in Denmark. Depending on the interest of other countries, new representatives are ready to come onboard.

Our animators are prepared to work remotely and in scale. We have developed a platform that allows animators located in different places around the world to carry out productions.

Eight reasons to implement Creating Together

1 - It offers the educator a new dynamic for teaching and learning by unifying technology and play.

2 - The program develops skills such as leadership, cooperation and discussion through teamwork and the division of responsibilities.

3 - It promotes inclusive education as it covers themes which value ethical, social, cultural, intellectual, physical and sensorial diversity.

4 - Contributes to the application of the content/subjects proposed by the school.

5 - Allows knowledge building in an innovative way, using the language of the student of the twenty first century.

6 - Promotes the interest for oral, written and artistic production within the group.

7 - Develops the student’s autonomy, creativity and social responsibility.

8 - Allows the child to be inserted in the virtual world in an attractive, legitimate and current manner

New in 2022:

The By Kids to Kids teaching methodology has been contributing to transform education, helping to increase content retention in the classroom as well as generating educational content which can impact students, young and old, around the world.

With the objective of contributing even further to this transformation, we have launched two new products which help close a learning cycle that consists of training young people and adults to work on the production of animations created in the classroom.

The first is the Creating Together 2D animation course.  A very simple course through which children as of the age of 10 and also adults can learn how to transform the stories, the drawings and the voice overs made in the classroom into animations.  The second is a platform for 2D animation producers named BKTK Studio.

Read more about our 2D course and the BKTK Studio further below on this page (under heading Steps)


HundrED Academy Review

With its relatively low tech requirements and universal appeal around storytelling, this innovation has great potential for scaling.

- HundrED Academy Member

This could be a really exciting way to bring learning to life for students. They would love to see their stories being animated and having an external service to send the resources to would be great for teachers who don't feel that they have the skills to take those next digital steps.

- HundrED Academy Member
Learning through storytelling allows children to develop their creative skills. This innovation gives teachers a unique tool that will contribute to promoting a different learning experience to their students. It could be used in many languages. Currently operating in Brazil and has further plans to scale to Denmark and Sweden.
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High Impact
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High Scalability
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High Scalability
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See this innovation in action

Interview - Record TV - By kids To Kids
Interview and coverage of the Creating Together - By Kids to Kids - aired on TV Record -  national Brazilian broadcaster in May 2022 in Brasilia.  In Portuguese with English subtitles.
Article in Childhood Education Innovation magazine - USA - 2022
Article published on By Kids to Kids - Creating Together in the Childhood Education Innovations magazine (March/April 2022). For full article please contact us at By Kids to Kids.
Article in Cuaderno de Pedagogia - Spain 2022
Article published on By Kids to Kids - Creating Together in the Cuaderno de Pedagogia magazine in May 2022 in Spain.For full article please contact us at By Kids to Kids.
Article OECD by Andreas Schleicher
Published by OECD Education and Skills Today on By Kids to Kids.
GloboNews - TV coverage - Brazil
Interview and coverage on the Creating Together - By Kids to Kids - aired on national Brazilian TV network in the program Globo News.In Portuguese with English subtitles.
Interview with Helga Stie - Denmark
3rd grade teacher from one of the schools in Denmark who implemented By Kids to Kids. The benefits, the challenges, the process, the overall opinion about the experience.
By Kids to Kids in Denmark
This is a video showing the first case of Creating Together in Denmark, where 24 children ages 9-10 created, wrote, drew and narrated three stories from their own imagination.
Use as a Learning Retention tool
One of the many uses and benefits of the program is to enhance retention of subjects learnt in schools.  Check out one example.
Project Covid-19 - April 2020
By Kids to Kids gathered testimonials from children across different countries.  They were asked to make a drawing of themselves and to tell the Corona virus impacted their lives.   April 2020


Achievements & Awards

June 2021
21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean
August 2020
ComKids - Winner Multiplatform Category
June 2020
Innovation page created on
September 2019
WSA - World Summit Awards - 1st. Place Brazil - Education Category
July 2019
Let's Go Festival 2019. Winner
June 2019
ComKids - Short Contents category - 2nd Place

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Creating Together - All you need
An Idea, white sheets of paper, coloring pencils and a mobile phone.
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These are the simple steps
Creating Together is a program with only a few simple steps.
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BKTK Studio * NEW
Check out our latest innovative activity
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2D Animation Course - Creating Together * NEW
The 2D animation course will teach all the steps of the creative and production process of animating a film, such as those made for By Kids to Kids.
Read more
Benefits of Creating Together
Every step of the program stimulates and works on different skills important to the children, inside and outside the classroom.
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User Guide
A simple guide for teachers on how to implement the program.
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