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Cámara Mágica Foundation

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We rescue stories of cultural and educational importance to impact childhood and the local ecosystem from where stories emerge. We empower writers and illustrators around the world who give their talents so that children from all corners have access to reading. You can be part of this story. Join, share, spread. Donate a book.

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Target group
November 2020
Until each child has their own book.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Cámara Mágica, is a project focused on the creation of short films and children's books. We focus on the development of children's stories with cultural identity that we turn into books to be donated to children and thus, support the promotion of reading. Our commitment is to prepare from childhood a tolerant and receptive terrain for all cultures.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We are a social children's publisher. We believe in the right of access, that is why all our books return to the place where the story was extracted and are donated to children who need to read to improve their literacy process or preserve their cultural references.
Each book is associated with a project that identifies who will be the direct beneficiaries, according to the specific needs of the localities and their impact. We generate alliances with social organisations that validate the contents and certify that the donations reach their final recipients. Through this system, we ensure the traceability of the impact of our actions and those of our donors.
Our collaborators can donate funds to deliver books to the locations of their interest or buy a copy in a 1 + 1 system, where for each book sold we donate one equal to the selected project.

How has it been spreading?

In order to involve the beneficiary communities, we publish our books through local launches and through dissemination in the media, cultural and social networks.
Our objective in the next 3 years is to generate new stories in rural locations in Latin American countries, which allow us to give value to cultures and support the promotion of literacy.
We seek to grow an average of 4 books a year in new locations. In this way, to achieve an average book donation of at least 2,000 books per year.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

There are two ways to support the project:
Online donation (Paypal and credit cards) Each donor receives the digital version of the book associated with the chosen project.
Purchase of books (online and at points of sale / bookstores) The purchase of a book allows the donation of another equal to the place where the story was extracted.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Cámara Mágica is a beatiful project that protects local knowledge and cultural heritage by collecting children’s stories in rural areas. In addition to publishing those stories and spread them across the world, they also donate books to the communities in which the story was originated, thereby supporting the cultural identity of children living in those areas.

HundrED Academy Reviews

This innovation can be applied anywhere around the world! Empowering local writers and illustrators to publish their stories and making them available is fabulous. It provides children with the chance to be culturally represented in them.

This project recognizes the diversity of cultures and languages by giving life to children’s stories, promoting creativity and reading in their children, also promoting cultural identity!

- Academy member
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Spread of the innovation

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