21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

There is a wealth of conversation around the world today on the future of the workplace and the skills required for children and youth to thrive in that future. This Spotlight will highlight some of the great education innovations in Latin America and the Caribbean that focus on fostering essential 21st Century Skills like social-emotional skills, project-based learning, music, sports and more.
In partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Schools need to be effectively preparing children and youth with the 21st Century Skills required to thrive in the future workforce.

Most everyone can agree that the schools of today are not effectively preparing children for that workforce, but it’s much more difficult to predict what it will actually look like. Instead perhaps we should be focusing on outlining a few key principles that will help people thrive in life no matter what happens. Without certain core abilities, even extreme knowledge or job-specific skills will not be worth much in the long run. 



What is Spotlight on 21st Century Skills in Latin America

This Spotlight project is in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and has the goal of highlighting 10 or more of the brightest innovations that focus on 21st century skills. The project aims to identify effective models for cultivating 21st century skills in students by looking for innovations in learning from Latin America. This spotlight will select a diverse range of innovations that are promoting 21st century skills in and out of school, including but not limited to: social-emotional skills, project-based learning, self-guided learning through digital, music, sports, citizenship and entrepreneurship programs.

The main aims of this Spotlight are to:

  • Discover the leading innovations cultivating 21st century skills in students globally.
  • Understand how schools or organizations can implement these innovations.
  • Gain insight into any required social or economic conditions for these innovations to be effectively introduced into a learning context.
  • Celebrate and broadcast these innovations to help them spread to new countries.

Submission Call Deadline: Friday, 30th October 2020 1700 UTC