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Henrietta Lehtonen

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Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
An authoring tool for creating educational games


Helsinki, Finland
Seppo is an easy-to-use tool for teachers that makes lessons inspiring and motivating for students. Students solve problems in teams using mobile devices and teachers give feedback in real-time. Seppo can add physical movement to any school subject. All Helsinki City teachers have a Seppo license.

What is Seppo?

“It was easy to get into Seppo. The students were exploding with the joy of learning and experimenting and demanded more. The kids had excellent performances, moved around and were fully in.”

Teacher using Seppo

Creating, maintaining and enhancing learning motivation in schools has become a growing challenge because the world around us offers increasingly exciting and motivating stimuli for children.

Schools have to keep up and make education exciting and relatable to the students' lives. There is a great need for ways to make learning fun in a pedagogically meaningful way. 

Seppo, the gamification platform, has been procured for all Helsinki City Schools, from primary school to vocational institutes. 


The Seppo platform motivates students to learn by transforming their school assignments into a game. Seppo games are a good way to learn, as they develop group work skills, media literacy, critical thinking, and digital storytelling.

The teacher can set the game in or out of the classroom: in class, the schoolyard, in the city centre or even a museum. The students solve the tasks with mobile devices and the teacher gives them instant feedback.

The teacher can communicate with the students using Seppo and follow them on a map using GPS. The game can be set so that it requires moving to a certain area or in a certain task. By doing so, Seppo motivates students to be physically active in any subject. Seppo increases physical wellbeing but there is evidence it can be good for wellbeing on the whole: gamification through Seppo has benefitted getting NEET youth back on board with school.

The idea for Seppo was born when high school history teacher Riku Alkio was visiting Rome on a field trip with his students. The students created "Amazing Race Church Edition" which took them to churches all around Rome. The game made students so enthusiastic that they raced each other from church to church. When the students were given time off, instead of shopping and visiting cafés the students headed back to the churches - to learn more.

Never before had Riku seen students so excited about studying. The experience convinced him that it is a great idea to use games to support teaching. 

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
4 398
Tips for implementation
A Seppo license is sold to schools. A computer or tablet is required for the teacher to monitor the game, as well as mobile devices for students and an internet connection.
Contact information
Henrietta Lehtonen
HundrED Review

Seppo makes it easy to integrate games into teaching and brings learning into new environments.


Students' enthusiasm for learning increases and they learn a variety of skills.


Seppo is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Arabic and available for use immediately after the license has been purchased.


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Learn more about Seppo
Discover Seppo and the pedagogy behind it.
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Purchase the license
Licenses are sold directly to schools, enabling every teacher in the school to use Seppo.
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Select a subject and place
Decide what you want to teach with the game and where to play.
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Log in to Seppo
You will receive more detailed instructions with the license.
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Create a game
Make a game board out of a map, floor plan, or a picture related to the theme of the game.
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Adding tasks to the game
When creating tasks, it is a good idea to take advantage of the game’s location. The game brings learning to the real world, so it is easier to understand what is taught when it is relatable to your own life.
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