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Gamified Curricula

Spotlight 2023

Through this Spotlight on Gamified Curricula, HundrED and Supercell are identifying impactful and scalable education innovations that offer educational programs and courses designed to incorporate game elements and/or are structured like games to upper secondary school learners aged 16–25.

In collaboration with Supercell

Important dates

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The challenge

Gaming is an elemental part of young people's lives, and the benefits of play-based learning have been well-documented. Learning can and should be fun, and this Spotlight seeks practical examples of solutions that bring the benefits of gamification to upper secondary education.

The solution

This Spotlight will identify 10-15 innovations using a gamified curriculum that have achieved both scale and impact. We invite all innovations in the field to help us deep-dive into the intersection of learning and digital play as careers in tech surge and video games cement themselves as the defining entertainment medium of our time.

Want to learn more? Watch the recording of our Global Roundtable discussing Gamified Curricula

This call is for you if you tick these boxes:

  • Your innovation is geared towards upper secondary students, specifically students from marginalised groups aged 16-25.
  • Your innovation fosters mental health, belonging, and empathy - and offers a curriculum that focuses on the fostering of whole individuals rather than just technical skills.
  • It fuses physical and digital - your curriculum has established a meaningful way of combining in-person and online/digital learning. 
  • Your curriculum is steered for formal or non-formal education; for example, after-school programs, apprenticeships, and practical trainings.
  • Your innovation bridges the gap between education and working life, especially in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Learn more about Supercell

Supercell is a game company based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. Since its launch in 2010, the company has brought five games to the global market: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. Supercell’s dream is to create games that as many people as possible play for years and that are remembered forever.

Visit their website at: supercell.com