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Neil Edmond
Building successful lives through financial literacy


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We are improving the financial futures of students the world over with a gamified financial literacy program. With greater financial knowledge and the confidence to use it, children can avoid unnecessary mistakes, leading to more prosperous families and communities.
Neil Edmond, CEO and program creator.
Teachers and parents the world over will be able to relax knowing their children are being taught financial literacy in a comprehensive, stimulating and effective way.

Neil Edmond, CEO and program creator.


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Most parents and teachers weren’t taught money management; we learned through trial and error, and made mistakes we're embarrassed to admit. So we tend not to teach our kids. This is creating a generation shackled by debt and missed opportunities. Teaching kids how to avoid bad debt and invest is crucial if they, their families and communities are to be financially stable and prosperous.

How does your innovation work in practice?

MoneyTime is:
Online. It can be accessed anywhere kids have internet and a device.

Self directed. Teachers and parents don’t have to be financial wizards, MoneyTime does the teaching for them.

Comprehensive. With 30 self-taught modules and automatically marked quizzes, covering the full spectrum of personal finance; from earning, saving and interest to borrowing, investing and business.

Gamified and highly interactive. Children earn virtual money by answering questions correctly then they have to choose between spending, saving, donating and investing. This this provides real life decision making and experiential learning.

Inclusive. There are an extra 13 modules designed specifically for students to do at home with their parents. This is important so they can put their learning into their family's context.

High impact. Regular testing throughout the program evidences an average 44% increase in knowledge across all topics, regardless of socio-economic status.

How has it been spreading?

MoneyTime was created in New Zealand where more than 700 schools and 50,000 students have used the program.

We also have a subscription version of the program so that parents globally can access it for their kids at home. This has proven particularly popular with homeschoolers.

The program is built for scale with the ability to accommodate millions of users. We have a licensee in South Africa, and are promoting it directly into the USA, Australia and New Zealand with plans to introduce the program into 15 more countries in the next 5 years and 50 countries within the next ten years through partners and resellers. The program content is carefully localized for each country.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The short introductory video at explains how the program works.

We welcome enquiries from Departments of Education, teachers, parents, homeschoolers, homeschool associations, bloggers, educational resellers and complimentary resources.

Visit for more information or email for a free trial.


Achievements & Awards

June 2022
Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIAs), Best Non-financial Services Company
June 2022
Children's Education Program of the Year at the Excellence in Financial Education (EIFLE) Awards 2022
June 2021
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MoneyTime is a self directed, gamified program that requires no specialist teacher knowledge, marking or administration. It is easy to set up and highly intuitive to use.
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MoneyTime is the ideal financial literacy course for kids at home. It combines personal finance lessons with an interactive money management game that enables them to learn from experience, with no parental assistance or knowledge required.
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