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Aula Global

Promoting the growth mindset in boys and girls, through the strengthening of basic skills.

Aula Global tackles learning poverty, a problem exacerbated during the Covid 19 pandemic. The program prioritizes low performing students in language and mathematics and who, as a consequence, experience rejection, stigmatization and demotivation for learning. Aula Global empowers their growth mindset, strengthening their basic and social skills.

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June 2021
"Children who participate in Aula Global, feel privileged to participate in a process that helps them strengthen not only their basic skills but also their social skills".

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Aula Global was created to address “learning poverty”, which means being unable to read and understand a short, age-appropriate text by age 10. In Colombia, 49% of children in the last grades of primary school present learning poverty, which leads to grade repetition, school dropouts, over-age and frustrated students with low self-esteem.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Aula Global implements semipersonalized tutoring sessions with students who are lagging behind in reading and mathematics, assigning them a tutor who provides focused and tailored attention and recognizes them as learning subjects. With their accompaniment, the tutor helps students to recognize their own capacities and abilities to achieve the objectives that are proposed. The tutorials make it easier for the student to rejoin the expanded classroom, with greater self-confidence.
Aula Global has an impact evaluation led by Harvard University and Vanderbilt University, carried out with 5000 students in 8 public schools which demonstrates positive impact of the intervention in improving basic skills.
The metacognitive process allows students to become aware of the knowledge acquired, generating greater self-confidence and improving their relationship with others. “One of the most important actions is the recovery of confidence (Interview Pedagogical Advisor Aula Global, 2017) “.

How has it been spreading?

Aula Global was adopted by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia as a model to be replicated in the country, it has reached the 36 public schools with the highest level of school dropouts in the Colombian Pacific, facilitating that 25% of the participating students go from being in the “lowest” and “basic” levels of performance in math and language to “adequate” and “superior” levels. In Buenaventura 2021, school dropout for children who did not participate in the program was 3.4% and 1.6% for those who did. For a student who attends all tutoring sessions, an improvement of 0.38 SD was evidenced in basic learning. For their part, the girls who participated improved their performance in basic skills by 0.14 SD. The program reduced the repetition rate in primary school by 50%.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We expect to expand coverage to other territories, for more information please contact:
David Gironza - Director of the area of Education and Culture - Fundación Carvajal:

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Aula Global's semipersonalized tutoring sessions tackles learning poverty head-on and improves students basic skills and confidence for a lifetime of learning!

Highly scalable as it can get adopted by the systems and could be implemented by the teachers and education practitioners. The alignment with the national curriculum makes it even more scalable in various different contexts.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Contact us

For more information please contact:David Gironza - Director of the area of Education and Culture - Fundación

Spread of the innovation

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