Spotlight 2021

Teachers for a Changing World

This Spotlight is a collaboration between HundrED and The World Bank Group, with financing from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), which aims to identify and share leading solutions from around the world that are helping teachers to thrive in an ever-changing classroom.
In Partnership with the World Bank & with financing from GPE

Scalable approaches to in-service teacher professional development are needed to achieve inclusive and equitable quality education for all by 2030

While teachers are the single most important school-based determinant for student achievement, if they are not able to effectively teach, students will not learn. In addition to the limited access to infrastructure to facilitate remote instruction, there are shortages of effective training and professional development programs to prepare teachers on how to use technologies, much less on how to effectively instruct with them. Moreover, there is huge variability in the amount of training and support teachers are given, which varies considerably between countries and at a district level. Countries will have to ensure their teachers continuously develop the competencies needed to adapt to changing contexts.  

As of October 2019, 53 percent of children in low- and -middle-income countries were unable to read and understand a simple text by age 10. The COVID-19 pandemic is amplifying the global learning crisis and has disrupted learning for more than a billion students globally. It’s estimated the extended periods of school closures could increase the learning poverty rate to 63 percent, leading to significant negative effects on learning and human capital development. Governments have tried to minimize the negative effects of the crisis by employing remote learning solutions. However, as governments implement these plans, teachers shoulder the burden of delivering a high-quality education, despite not having the preparation or support to do so effectively


This project aims to identify and promote impactful and scalable solutions that support teachers’ professional development

Teachers are at the heart of education and foundational in preparing students for a world where they must collaborate with others, adapt quickly to change, and where success will hinge on attitudes and behavior as well as knowledge.   

In a new reality that requires teachers to constantly adopt new skills and knowledge, technology can facilitate access to more frequent and at scale approaches to teacher PD. This is especially relevant given the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and in contexts where mobility is affected by fragility, conflict, and/or violence (FCV). Many of the new platforms, software, and low-tech resources include the potential of offering solutions “at scale” (e.g. national or regional) with the potential to benefit and engage a large number of teachers, either remotely or face-to-face.  

The World Bank Group and HundrED teamed up, with financing from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), to identify and share leading solutions from around the world that are helping teachers thrive in an ever-changing classroom. Through this Spotlight: Teachers for a Changing World, we aim to find solutions that train and improve teaching practices around the world. The Spotlight selections will be announced and promoted in August 2021 to education leaders, policymakers, and teachers around the world and contributes both to the World Bank Group goal of eliminating Learning Poverty and HundrED’s mission of helping every child to flourish in life



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