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Tu clase, tu país

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We are a non-profit professional organization, enthusiastic about the revaluation of the teaching profession in Latin America, through a personalized, collaborative, professional development strategy, connected to the practice in the authentic context of performance and throughout life, which combines face-to-face and virtual learning experiences.
Eugenio Severin, Executive Director Tu clase, tu país
Our mission is to support the transformation of education and teachers' practices, to enable a deep, exciting learning experience for all students.

Eugenio Severin, Executive Director Tu clase, tu país


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Updated on June 30th, 2022
about the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We are committed to 21st century learning for every student. We believe in teachers as fundamental actors in providing meaningful and quality learning experiences. We understand that this requires a profound transformation of teachers' beliefs and practices, positioning them as professionals with the highest recognition.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We develop training programs and massive learning experiences that take care of the personal trajectories of each teacher and each school, proposing localized, collaborative and professionalizing work, through virtual platforms and continuous support. We have worked directly with teachers, schools, school networks and national and subnational education systems to support the training of more than 250 thousand teachers in the region, also training the teams that lead the training in each territory, in order to distribute innovative capabilities in professional development. We have a powerful, flexible, accessible and intuitive learning platform. We also have an expert team in instructional design, with 10,000 hours of courses and programs already developed, the support of certified tutors and a 24/7 support team. This has allowed us to have very high rates of program completion and satisfaction of teachers and schools.

How has it been spreading?

We are convinced of the need to renew teaching practices in order to make them more effective and relevant to the education of the 21st century, so that students find in schools liberating learning spaces, connected to their interests and committed to the construction of democratic and humane societies. We believe that this requires a different kind of work from schools and teachers, who put students at the center and offer them rich, relevant and exciting learning experiences. The innovation we have developed allows us to focus teacher training on these aspects by modeling and proposing micro-practices on how they themselves can then replicate them with their students, on a platform that supports and accompanies them.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

On our webpage ( you can contact us and we will be happy to design a contextualized and unique solution for each territory and organization. Our model allows us to customize each solution, taking care of the implementation of quality standards and tracking data, while transferring competencies to our partners so that they gain autonomy in the implementation.


HundrED Academy Review

This innovation offers to custom-design a teacher-training solution for interested organizations or regions wanting to engage with their offering.

- HundrED Academy Member

Teacher professional development is at the heart of the education revolution. All powerful innovations in education start with improving the quality of teaching practices. This innovation would have an undeniably high impact in any context.

- HundrED Academy Member
‘Tu clase, tu país’ offers localized and collaborative teacher professional development through a well-designed and easy-to-use virtual platform. The platform offers short and practical training that helps teachers improve their practices at the classroom level. ‘Tu clase, tu país’ has already had a great impact on educational systems in Latin America and it has the potential to continue scaling.
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Achievements & Awards

September 2021
Teachers for a Changing World
May 2021
Innovation page created on
March 2021
We created the Centro para el Aprendizaje Profundo (CAP), to support collaboration, innovation and teachers’ development in schools.
September 2020
Our online courses platform hosted the CORFO Becas de Capital Humano program “SIGO Turismo Tecnología”.
March 2020
PAR (Plataforma de Aprendizaje Remoto) is born, learning management systen for students from preschool to secondary education.
March 2019
Accompaniment to 39 schools in a pilot program for the implementation of the digital text of Discovery of Science and Mathematics
July 2018
Eleva Project: training for teachers of Technical Education schools, with four days of in-person training and seven online courses.
November 2017
Espacio Maestro is born, an online platform created in alliance with the Secretaría de Educación of Bogotá, Colombia, to train teachers of the public system with our model.
April 2017
We arrive in Argentina in alliance with Instituto Nacional de Educación Tecnológica (INET) , to design and implement their teachers’ development program for vocational teachers in Buenos Aires.
May 2016
Sua Classe Brasil is born, platform designed in alliance with Instituto Crescer. Its aim was to support professional development of school teachers in Brazil.
March 2016
We open our online course catalog to teachers all over Chile.
January 2015
DocentesCPEIP platform is born, in Alliance with the Centro de Perfeccionamiento, Experimentación e Investigaciones Pedagógicas (CPEIP) of Chile’s Ministry of Education.
October 2014
Tu clase, Venezuela y Tu clase, República Dominicana are born, both projects in Alliance with Fundación Cisneros.
May 2014
Tu clase Uruguay is born, in Alliance with Plan Ceibal and Consejo de Formación en Educación of the Uruguayan government, to train high school teachers.
October 2013
We began the trial stage of our platform in schools in Chile.
August 2012
Docentes al Día is founded. This entity would eventually become Tu clase, tu país.

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