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What is measured is managed

Capture authentic, real time learning & provide instant feedback. Recognise learning in a range of contexts. Provide a balance in PD between consistency & autonomy. Build an environment of positive affirmation. Motivate & empower through ownership of PD. Promote collaboration and reflective practice. Build online portfolio of evidence Ensure that PD has an ongoing tangible impact on practice.

Professional Development


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December 2020
CPD requires to be an ongoing process rather than a period event. It should be an affirmative process which promotes ownership and autonomy, whilst valuing continuous reflection, support and feedback.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Focused professional learning is at the heart of the effective development of individuals, yet we do not capture or feedback on learning and development in a manner that reflects its importance. Good capture of feedback can be the difference between success and failure, yet most performance evaluation occurs out of context and tends to be in the form of one-off appraisal or review activities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

At Imagine Education, we have harnessed the potential of technology to create the world’s first real time, educator behavioural assessment system. A system that can be implemented in any learning environment, responding to the needs of both individuals and establishments.
This Point of Learning system, PerformEd, credits users instantly for learning and development that illustrates incremental changes in behaviours over time.
The PerformEd platform addresses three elusive challenges:
1. Assessing authentic, real time learning and providing instantaneous feedback to teachers.
2. Recognising and accrediting learning in a range of contexts and situations.
3. Providing a balance between ‘Consistency and Autonomy’ in the professional development of teachers and leaders, required standards, and specific targets of an educational establishment.

How has it been spreading?

PerformEd has been used to enable Egypt's 'Education 2.0' program by monitoring, tracking and evaluating teacher Professional Behaviour development. It was used across 40,000 schools and engaged 870,000 teachers.
PerformEd is also being trialled with the British Council for use with their Global Core Skills program, where it will support the validation process and enable trainers to take an on-going approach to their professional development.
Currently, Imagine Education is working with a number of MATs and ITT providers to investigate its application in the UK.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The technical platform allows the learners, colleagues and managers to instantly record instances of required actions and behaviours, via the mobile app or online portal.
A behavioural framework can either be focussed on national requirements, such as teaching standards or leadership; or custom-built frameworks specific to the needs of the school, academy trust, or institution.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

PerformEd is an assessment tool that uses a technological system to collect data about teachers’ performance and provide instantaneous formative feedback to help educators improve their teaching methods. This tool promotes continuous reflection, support and learning among teachers.

HundrED Academy Reviews

To date, this innovation has already reached almost one million students, which shows its high potential for scale. It uses accessible technological means, and its cost model is flexible, decreases with volume, and adapts to the context.

This innovation creates a positive and instantaneous feedback loop, moving through teacher learning and self-assessment. This allows teachers to feel empowered within the professional development context.

- Academy member
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Spread of the innovation

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