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Spotlight on Gamified Curricula


Given its potential for motivating and engaging learners and teachers alike, HundrED and partner Supercell teamed up with the aim of bringing attention to and curating education innovations that gamify curricula. Our assertion is that gamification should be used more systematically; it has the potential to foster innovative learning environments for young people aged 16-25, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, often difficult for the gaming industry to reach.

Our search for and identification of 10-15 impactful and scalable education innovations fulfilling the Spotlight criteria revealed that additional supports are necessary for the successful gamification of curricula. We highlight specific challenges, including the lack of systems modelling that can serve as guidance for educators and administrators interested in implementing gamification in their classrooms and schools.  

We learned from the selected innovators that gamification puts learners at the centre of their own experience, valuing their ideas and goals and engaging them in discovery. From setting the stage for developing real-world solutions to very imminent problems, or realising they have the ability to start their own business, young people can find their place and grow a mindset of lifelong learning through gamified curricula.


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Publication Date
March 04, 2024
M. Mariah Voutilainen and Crystal Green
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Voutilainen, M. Mariah and Crystal Green. Spotlight on Gamified Curricula. Helsinki: HundrED, 2024.
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